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In Hasa Hotel.

In a certain room that had warm lighting and a fragrant scent.

“Has my [Child of Destiny] done anything lately”

Alicia was laying on the bed.

Her face was a little paler when compared to several days ago and she seemed much weaker now.

However, once she mentioned [Child of Destiny]—also known as [Princess]—her eyes instantly glowed with enthusiasm.

“The [Child of Destiny] seems to be in cahoots with the seventh princess.

They are currently up to something.” The petite maid said.


Isn’t she about to duel someone soon Why is she still working on other things”

Alicia got up and asked in curiosity.


The seventh princess and her started a gambling bet.

Currently, it is completely operated by the seventh princess.”

The petite maid described Yaeger’s interaction with the seventh princess, from the moment they met until they separated, as if she had seen them with her own eyes.

“Those two sly foxes.” Alicia laughed joyfully as a response.

As an intelligent person, she obviously knew that they were putting on an act to scam people.

“Go and add some firewood to their fire.”

“Yes.” The petite maid nodded.

“Master, if Yasa really uses the replica of [Sword of Eternity] during the duel, will the [Child of Destiny] be in danger Should we make some preparations to prevent that from happening”

“No need for that.

We can’t interfere too much in her matters.

Otherwise, it will lead to unforeseen complications in the future.” Alicia spoke solemnly.

“I’m sorry, master.

I shouldn’t have said that.” The petite maid bowed down, her pretty face became paler.

“Raise your head.

I don’t like having people speak to me with a lowered head.”

“Yes, master.”

“What does Lili think of the [Child of Destiny]” Alicia asked.

The petite maid pondered slightly.

“I heard she has a good impression of her.”

“Then that’s good enough.” Alicia smiled and then changed the topic.

“Have you found the remnants of the [Warlock Association] that was hiding in the Empire” Her voice suddenly turned grim.

Even the temperature in the room seemed to have lowered drastically.

The petite maid trembled slightly and said, “No.

We have dealt with all the suspicious people.

However, we still can’t find any clues.”

“Keep a close watch on them.

Those people have big aspirations in mind.

They will reveal themselves, sooner or later.

Also, don’t disregard your endeavors about the [Sword Clan].”

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Although Akkash had already committed suicide, Alicia still believed that [Sword Clan] was still colluding with [Warlock Association].

Unfortunately, she did not find any evidence despite searching for many years.

Logically speaking, that would indirectly prove the innocence of [Sword Clan].

However, Alicia’s intuition as a woman told her that there must be something wrong with [Sword Clan].

Hence, over the years, she had always allocated manpower to spy on [Sword Clan].

If it wasn’t for the fact that something unexpected had happened to Akkash, she would never be successfully cursed by someone from [Warlock Association].

“If it wasn’t for the sake of their ancestors, I would have completely purged [Sword Clan] a long time ago.” Alicia clenched her fist, murderous intent flashed in her eyes.

In Layna’s Item Shop.

“So, why are you sitting there again” Layna said angrily.

“Waiting for Yunuen.” As if she was at her own home, Yaeger deftly took out tea leaves and poured the boiling water over it—making a pot of red tea.

“Is my Yunuen coming back soon” Layna asked in surprise.


Very soon.”


Good, good!” Hearing that, Layna was instantly filled with joy.

Upon closer inspection, dark eyebags could be seen on her face.

It was obvious that she had accumulated these blemishes due to staying up late at night.

As for the reason why she did that, it was even more obvious—she was brewing potions.

Yaeger had commissioned a lot of orders.

If Layna worked on it alone, she wouldn’t be able to complete the task within a short time even if she worked 24/7.

Hence, she was obviously thrilled once she heard that her dearest disciple would return today.

“Here.” At this moment, Yaeger poured out 2 cups of tea and gave 1 to Layna.

The latter received a cup and slightly opened her plump lips.

she blew it slightly and then took a sip.

“I didn’t expect that you’re good at brewing tea.” People would be revitalized upon experiencing good things—Layna, who was incredibly fatigued just now—was now filled with energy.

“Nothing special.” Yaeger chatted with Layna for a while before looking at the forums.

«Massive news! Another news about Black-hearted Princess! Don’t ask questions.

Look at it now!»

This post instantly attracted her attention.

She opened it and checked it out.

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Contents: Wahahahaha! Look at these odds.

Black-hearted Princess is beyond any rescue! She will definitely lose the duel!




[Chicken Too Beautiful]: Tsk tsk tsk.

Based on the odds, it means that you can earn 15 cents if you wager 1 dollar on Yasa.

But if you wager on Black-hearted Princess, you might as well dump the money down the ocean!


[Carefree Bro]: But you’ll earn a lot if you wager on a tie.


[Rain Girl]: Are you stupid The grudge between Yasa and Black-hearted Princess will never be resolved, no matter what.

So, how would they ever end the duel with a tie Besides, Yasa has the [Holy Sword] with him this time.

There’s not a chance that Black-hearted Princess will win.

No, actually, it’s even hard to say whether she will survive the duel!


[World’s Greatest Stone]: I gathered some new information from the NPC nobles.

Yasa’s clan definitely has the [Holy Sword], and it will be used in the duel!


[Widowmaker]: Black-hearted Princess can’t escape her fate this time.

Still, I just don’t know if she’ll drop her equipment after being killed by the NPC.

If that happens, it will be awesome!


[Little Fairy]: Maybe she’ll drop an Artifact!


[White Cloud]: Hahaha.

I’ve already bought the tickets.

I’m going to get my loot!


[***]: Compared to that, I’m more interested in money.

Although 1.15 isn’t spectacular odds, it still counts.

If I wager 10,000, I will earn 1,500.

100,000 will earn 15,000.

1 million… Hiss! It’s easy money.

I will do it!


[***]: Gamble gamble gamble!


[***]: As the saying goes: Horses can’t be plump without extra hay, and a man won’t be rich without scoring big money!


[Carefree Bro]: If I don’t bag that easy money, I’ll be an idiot!


Even if she dropped Artifacts and Epic equipment, these typical players won’t be able to retain it even if they got it.

They could only dream about it.

However, since there was an easy way to make money—of course, they would do it!

It was much easier and more pleasant than fighting monsters.

Moreover, there was no risk at all.

They would be idiots if they didn’t do it!


Nobody can resist the temptation of earning rewards without putting in any effort!” Yaeger couldn’t help but smile as she read the replies in that thread.

It was wishful thinking for someone to earn the greatest rewards by sacrificing the smallest amount of money—It actually existed in reality.

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The state lottery was an example—someone could earn 5 million dollars by paying a couple bucks.

“But it’ll only happen if you hit the jackpot.” Yaeger exited the forums with a smirk on her face.

This was a bet that was covered with inaccurate information and was manipulated by an external force.

Hence, it was nothing but a harvest festival for her.

“[Princess], Master!” At this moment, white light flashed and a cute young girl appeared.

“I have been resurrected!”

Yunuen was officially back to the team.

“Welcome back.” Yaeger and Layna spoke simultaneously.

They were glancing at Yunuen—the former had a profound look while the latter seemed ravenous.

All in all, she felt a bad premonition.

“I… I think I have something else to handle.

I’m going offline first… Ah! Master, what are you doing” Yunuen wanted to escape but she was apprehended by Layna.

Then, she was carried into the workshop.


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