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Yaeger was first perplexed after reading this message, then felt amused and angered at the same time.

She thought, ‘”you damned brat, I treated you nicely for nothing!’

Speaking of her head, she remembered [Small Sword Group] and [Brotherhood Association], cooperation, bounty, hitmen, and a win-win situation.

“Maybe those two forces are up to something again That’s not right.

Vera already gave them my information, the power I displayed is at least at the level of a Pinnacle Master.

Since they saw that video, even if [Small Sword Group] didn’t give up, they should at least study it for a few days before making a decision…” Yaeger was absolutely confused.

At this moment, Mylene sent her another message again.

Mylene Tian: Sister, you have a bounty of 100 million on your head in [Assassin’s Alliance].

It’s not Chinese Yuan, it’s USD!

“Hiss! One hundred million dollars!” Yaeger’s pupils shrank rapidly and exhaled deeply after reading that number.

Her hands were uncontrollably clenched tight.

She vaguely remembered that the exchange rate between RMB and USD would reach 7 to 1 by this year’s September.

Currently, it was only 6 to 1.

“Six hundred millions… No, I mean it’s six hundred million Chinese Yuan! Why can’t I just grow an extra head” She felt regrettable since she could never attain such an amount of money!

“One hundred million dollars is enough to make me work a lot less harder.

Speaking of which, 100 million dollars shouldn’t be enough to sway a Grandmaster’s heart, right”

If she was dealing with an ordinary Grandmaster or a S-ranked Transcendent, Yaeger could evenly match them.

They would need to actually fight in order to determine the winner.

“I’m not afraid of a typical Grandmaster.

But I’m just afraid that I will meet a Grandmaster that’s beyond that level.

However, since it’s only one hundred million dollars, any Grandmasters on that level shouldn’t be interested in it.”

Yaeger replied to Mylene, asking her to keep on paying attention to the [Assassin’s Alliance].

“Anyone below the Grandmaster Realm are just ants.

I’ll kill all of them.” She smiled calmly, she was not too concerned about it at all.

The only thing that bothered her was Vera.

Not only did that silver-haired girl know of some of her abilities, she even knew her approximate location.

If that information were disclosed, Yaeger’s hideout in Jade Flower Garden would be discovered, sooner or later.

Yaeger made small talk with Mylene for a while before logging out of the game.

There was still some time before it was morning.

She registered an account on WeChat, using the SIM card that Nangong Lin prepared for her.

Then, she added all the members in [Princess Alliance] to her friend’s list.

After some deliberation, she also added Pixie Qin to the group—’KFC Deluxe Meal’.

Soon, Nangong Lin and Pixie Qin accepted her friend request.

“Don’t you people sleep” Yaeger’s lips twitched slightly.

“You should know that staying up late at night is the natural nemesis of having a beautiful face!”

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After some time, Mylene, Rakshasa, and Sachiel also accepted her friend request.

Meanwhile, Yunuen seemed to be asleep.

“It turns out that Yunuen cares for her health the most.

Well, everyone should sleep early.” After chit chatting with everyone for a bit, Yaeger laid on the bed, placed her phone somewhere else, and started napping.

At the same time, on an island on foreign land.

“One hundred million dollars.

[Small Sword Group] really spared no expense.” Vera laid down with all her limbs extended, she stared at the projected screen on the ceiling and mumbled.

Currently, she had a pale complexion and a weak body— she didn’t even wish to move a finger.

“Hehe, one hundred million might not be enough to hire a Grandmaster, But it’ll be enough for a few Pinnacle Masters or AA-ranked Transcendents.

Three, actually no, two AA-ranked Transcendents will be enough to deal with a single Pinnacle Master.

[Princess], you should treasure the little time you have remaining before you die… Ouch, my fragile arms and legs!”

Before she could finish speaking, her body started twitching from immense pain.

Since she was never a resilient person and she had overextended herself by using her power too much—her body became utterly fatigued.

She would remain at this state for a night before she could recover.

“Although it’s a little painful, I’ve gained quite a lot from it.

[Princess], I have already figured out your movement range and pattern.

You can’t escape anymore! Hahahahahahahahaha burp!”

In the early morning of 5 April.

The sky was still dim.

Yaeger opened her eyes.

A light but pleasant scent filled the dark room.

“Ugh~ It smells so good.

As expected of the Divine Body.” She took a deep breath after getting out of the bed and stretching—she was at ease.

Since there were a few hours before the duel, Yaeger didn’t log into the game in a hurry.

After washing her hair, she slouched on the bed and picked up the Huawhey P20.

The moment she turned on the screen, she saw many new messages.

Yunuen Lin: Wow.

It’s really your WeChat account, I am so excited! I am so flattered.

Hehe! [Princess], I have mostly recovered by now.

I’ll be able to start working soon!

Sachiel Luo: Good morning, [Princess]!

Nangong Lin: [Princess], would you like to have breakfast with me

Pixie Qin: Or would you like to have me I’m just kidding, hahaha~

Rakshasa: Muah~

Mylene Tian: Sister, there’s a complication with your identification card, I’ll get it done by night.

I’m really sorry!

“Do you people really don’t sleep at all” Yaeger smiled bitterly.

“It’s good to know that Yunuen will be back in action soon.

I’m not going to eat breakfast.

It’s a waste of time and it’s troublesome.

Wait, Rakshasa, are you smooching me Also, Sister Pixie, isn’t that explicit”

Finally, she looked at Mylene Tian’s message.

‘Since I already have a SIM card, an identification card is no longer that useful to me.

It wouldn’t affect me even if I don’t have it.

But at least I won’t be an undocumented person once I have it.’ She replied with a message while thinking about that.

Princess: It’s fine.

Just handle it when you’re free, I’m not in a hurry.

After sending the message, Yaeger somehow felt that she had forgotten something.

She tried to recall her memory but couldn’t figure anything out.

“What a strange feeling.” She chuckled but paid no mind to it.

After all, it would not be a big deal anyway.

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Beep Beep!

Her sister sent her another message.

Mylene Tian: Yes, I understand.

By the way, sister, this is the video posted by [Assassin’s Alliance].


Yaeger opened the video, instantly seeing a low-resolution footage.

Within a glance, she could tell that it was the combat footage that Vera secretly recorded.

However, the clarity of the video was obviously adjusted.

“Vera should be on very good terms with the [Brotherhood Association], I suppose” After looking at the picture sent by Mylene, Yaeger was convinced that this silver-haired girl was [E-Fairy], Vera.

“With the intelligence that you provided, it’s going to make it more troublesome for me.

Fortunately, I still have time.

Once I have dealt with [Sword Clan], you people will be the next in line!”

She replied to Mylene, then laid down and entered the game.

On the other hand.

In the apartment that belonged to the Ability Management Department.

“Ah, I forgot to ask about sister’s name again.” Mylene gently patted her head with her hand.

“I’m afraid that my sister will be in the game by now, so I can’t disturb her.

By the way, sister said that her identity is very unique and it mustn’t be exposed.

Since her identity can’t be exposed, she obviously can’t use her own name.

She must have wanted me to give her a good name, so she didn’t mention her own! Mylene, I must work hard and come up with a good name for sister!”

Long ago, they already decided to use ‘Princess’ as her name.

However, after the night of investigation, she realized that there were hundreds of people named ‘Princess’ in this country.

Moreover, most of them were men.

After deliberation, Mylene felt that it was better to choose another name for her.

“Why don’t I give my sister a name similar to my brother This way, I’ll feel more at ease when I call her my sister.

My brother’s name is Yaeger, it’s too ordinary.

Since sister is such a beauty, she can never use an ordinary name and it shouldn’t be too long as well.

I’ll just give her a short name, just like my brother.

I already have ‘Yae’, what should I add to her name”

Mylene Tian spun around her room and thought deeply about it.

After some time.

“Ah, I got it! The word ‘Ji’.

In ancient times, ‘Ji’ was a name for beautiful women and also for noble ladies.

Since sister is so beautiful and noble, using ‘Ji’ as her name is most suitable for her! From now on, she will be named ‘Yae-hime’!”

In the game.

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Yaeger suddenly opened her eyes widely and her pupils were shrunk—a sensation flashed in her mind.

“What a strange feeling.

It feels like I felt something that will inch me towards my destiny, but it’s very vague.

I suppose it isn’t anything bad.”


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