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Opening her eyes, her surroundings were pitch black.

Instead of getting up, Yaeger exuded her aura in order to scout her surroundings.

She then closed her eyes and entered the game after realizing that everything was fine and dandy.

Layna had already closed her shop and was nowhere to be found.

Yaeger had no intentions to bother her since she was probably in the workshop.

Opening her game interface, she heard notification sounds that highlighted her mailbox.

It was a message by Mylene Tian.

“Some of the immigration information has been tempered by hackers…”

Yaeger frowned slightly after reading the message.

She felt a slight premonition of danger from her heart.

Those hitmen weren’t on that list at all.

This meant that the Ability Management Department was unable to track their whereabouts.

“It’s quite troublesome.” On Mylene Tian’s side, she had already sent a lot of her subordinates to seek out suspicious foreigners.

However, nothing much had come out of it.

It was because there were simply too many foreigners who came to Cathay in the past few days.

Yaeger instantly logged out after chit chatting with Mylene Tian for a bit.

“The current situation is not good for me.” She slowly got up after opening her eyes.

“If that’s really a tracking expert among my opponents, it won’t be safe anymore to stay in my home.”

In the worst case scenario, her enemies would be hidden without a trace and managed to find her current hiding spot.

Although Yaeger was not afraid of these people, she knew that her current hideout that she managed to find in great difficulty would be lost once again.

“Forget it, let’s go fishing tonight.” She had already prepared for the worst case scenario to happen.

Instead of allowing her opponents to find her home, she might as well personally come out to lure them out and give them a good thrashing!

“I hope I can catch a big fish.” Yaeger would not feel any enthusiasm if her opponents were too weak.

Taking out a package from the drawer under the bed, two large daggers were revealed after she opened it—one had a chilling glint, the other was terrifyingly green hue and seemed obviously toxic.

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These 2 daggers were spoils that she obtained by killing [Viper].

“It feels a little dirty.” Since Yaeger was somewhat of a neat freak after recent events, she felt a little gross when she had to use an item that was licked by someone else.

She casually cleaned it up by dousing it with her aura.

Then, she wrapped their handles with a layer of tape and covered them with cloth before keeping it on her.

Although the dagger was not a sword, it was still enough for her to utilize Sword Manipulation since they were still bladed weapons.

However, Yaeger had no idea how much power she could draw from them.

She was not a demanding person, all she wanted was for them to be twice as strong when compared to using telekinesis.

Once everything was ready, Yaeger opened the window and went outside.

The aura that she emanated instantly formed into a tentacle that grabbed onto every possible surface on the wall.

After closing the window, her tentacles traversed downwards quickly.

If anyone could see Yaeger at this moment, they would be definitely frightened.

Just as she started taking action, her opponents also did the same.

A black luxury sedan and 2 white SUVs exited the underground car park and entered the main road.


We will soon eliminate [Princess], someone that even daddy America can’t do anything about.

I feel so happy the moment I imagine their shocked faces.”

Jin Junmin sat on the back seat while feeling inexplicably excited.

His face was contorted from smiling and his eyes were bloodshot.

“Joyful, joyful.” Orpheum spoke as he shrunk his body.

Although the car was wide and spacious, it was still a little small for someone with Orpheum’s stature.

“It’s so noisy! Jin, can you stop laughing so loudly” At this moment, a young girl’s voice was heard by Jin Junmin.

“I’m sorry, I got overly excited.” Jin Junmin removed the tiny Bluetooth earpiece and rubbed his ears while apologizing.

Yet, he was wondering whether to **** and murder the little thing after the matter was resolved or the other way way.

In the other white SUV, Luca sat in front while Bunke and Steven Zhou had a staring contest at the backseat.

“Steven Zhou, you better behave like a good follower later.

I will give you a bone if you perform excellently.” Suddenly, Bunke said while smiling.

His tone of voice was dripping with mockery.

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Steven Zhou’s expression instantly changed after hearing it.

Veins popped up on his forehead while crackling noises could be heard from his tightly clenched fists.

“Bunke, I’m about to lose my patience with you!” He blurted out angrily.

The next moment, the car was filled with an intense murderous aura.

Bunke’s eyes turned into crescent moons as he smiled.

He enjoyed seeing other people being angered—it was interesting and ridiculously funny.

“If you guys are going to fight, do it after the matter is resolved! Focus on our main objective!” Jin Junmin instantly felt a headache after hearing their conversation through his earphone.

He originally had no intentions of letting them work together.

He had no choice since Bunke was a conspicuous-looking foreigner who would be easily noticed by relevant authorities.

Yet, he would be a lot less conspicuous if Steven Zhou stayed by his side.

After all, the latter had the typical appearance of a Cathay citizen.

When the two of them were together, it would seem like they were having a cross-cultural exchange.

It would be even better if there were also 3 girls beside them…

Now, he seemed like an elite foreign exchange student—he had a perfect disguise.

Bunke snorted and retracted his gaze, feeling pleasure in his heart.

Meanwhile, Steven Zhou quivered for a bit before he could calm down.

The 3 cars separated.

The black luxury sedan went ahead first while the 2 SUVs took a detour.

“I feel like something is amiss, I feel uneasy.” In the luxury sedan, Vera slouched on her seat and spoke in worry while biting her fingers.

Creak Creak!

Suddenly, a strange sound was heard from her mouth.

The finger that she was biting just now had miraculously disappeared!

“Oh no, I almost ate it.

Still, it doesn’t matter even if I did.

Vera shook her hand while speaking.

Then, a miraculous scene appeared—her missing finger had grown back!

“Bad premonition Very good.

I wonder what sort of unexpected surprises will her highness, [Princess], prepare for me I am looking forward to it.” After speaking, Vera’s initially worrisome expression seemed fake as she instantly smiled sweetly.

However, that smile only lasted for a second before it disappeared again.

She then turned on her Bluetooth earpiece and continued speaking with the rest of them.

An incredibly beautiful girl stood on top of a building near Jade Flower Garden.

“In order to fish, one must really withstand loneliness and boredom.” She had been doing absolutely nothing in this place for quite some time.

The resentment accumulated within her as she waited for the right opportunity to vent it.

“Is it possible that there are no tracking experts among those hitmen at all” The young girl—Yaeger—hugged her shoulders and spoke without any emotions.

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10 minutes later.

30 minutes later.

1 hour later.

“It hasn’t surfaced after such a long time, it must be a big fish.” Yaeger continued doing absolutely nothing and comforted herself.

She feared that there was no fish in this pond at all!

At the same time, the fishes were on their way.

In a certain alley.

Bunke was sniffing the air like a dog—crouching down and turning in circles occasionally.

Sometimes, he would even grab something from the ground and stuff it into his mouth.

Steven Zhou’s expression slowly became dull after falling behind them for a while.

‘This guy must be a werewolf.’

“Don’t move!” At this moment, a young man wearing black uniform had coincidentally arrived at this place.

After noticing these 2 suspicious individuals, he instantly pulled out his pistol and aimed at them.

He was Melvin Lee, a team member that worked for the Ability Management Department.

“Who are you people and what are you doing here” He was ordered by his superiors to instantly arrest any foreigners that seemed suspicious.

However, he was currently alone.

It would be risky for him to pacify 2 people at the same time.

Especially considering the possibility that these people might be Transcendents.

“Police brother, I’m a friendly! This foreigner is insane! He just threatened me with a gun, asking me to go along with him to find someone… I am so scared!” Steven Zhou raised his hand while trembling and let out a terrified expression.

With a glance, Melvin Lee noticed that he was a fellow Cathay citizen who had the same ethnicity.

Moreover, it seemed like he was really threatened by the other person.

“You, don’t move!” Melvin Lee instantly aimed at the foreigner after Steven Zhou said that he had a gun.

He slowly approached.

“Throw away your weapon.

Raise your hands and turn around!”

Bunke slowly raised his hand while letting out a mocking smile.

“Why are you smiling” Melvin Lee burst into anger after noticing that smile.

However, that burst of anger was instantly replaced by shock.


A casserole-sized fist smashed him in the chest without warning.

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“Waaagh!” Melvin Lee flew away soon after while vomiting blood.

The sound of shattered bones could be heard soon after.

Then, his vision turned into darkness.

He heard an indifferent voice when he was just about to faint.

“Idiot, how could I be a friendly I am a noble foreigner!”


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