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“You killed 108 Demi Dragons, and attained 100 super-diluted [Dragon’s Bloodline].

The [Bloodline Fusion] ability is now available.

Would you like to fuse the bloodline”

Yaeger slightly dazed after hearing the system’s broadcast.

Then, she instantly reacted with a laugh.

“Yes, of course I do!”

Those extremely diluted bloodlines had virtually no use, so it was naturally better if it could be fused.

“Ding! 100 units of [Dragon’s Bloodline] are successfully fused.

You have received 4 diluted [Dragon’s Bloodline].

Upon inspection, there are 5 units of diluted [Dragon’s Bloodline] in your backpack.

Would you like to fuse it”

“Yes!” Yaeger said without hesitation.

Since it was a free gift given by Sister System, it would cost her nothing to accept it.

“Ding! Fusion completed.

You have obtained 1 Low-grade [Black Dragon’s Bloodline].

“What a massive haul!” Yaeger clenched her fists tightly and spoke excitedly.

Bloodlines were generally categorized into four grades—Low-grade, Medium-grade, High-grade, and Highest-grade.

Different bloodlines would result in different abilities, but its grading would not determine its strength.

For example, a High-grade [Werewolf Bloodline] would be definitely inferior when compared to a Low-grade [Black Dragon’s Bloodline].

Certain races and species would have a Bloodline advantage.

Even if a Dragon had a Low-grade Bloodline, it would still be much stronger than other species that had a Highest-grade Bloodline.

Yaeger felt like she had stumbled into a Dragon’s hoard after realizing that she gained such a good Bloodline without any effort.

She felt very happy.


“Ding! The total cost of Bloodline Fusion is 1 million gold coins, it is already deducted from your account.”

Hearing the broadcast, Yaeger was dazed for a moment and then spat out a mouthful of blood.


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It was ridiculously expensive to be charged 1 million in fees.

Furthermore, Yaeger did not know about it before the fact.

She felt like she had ordered a ’98 yuan Prawn Platter’, only to realize that they were charged individually when she paid the bill!

No, it was more apt to say that Yaeger thought she was given a free sample but she was barred from leaving after having her fill.

Then, her money was forcefully seized to pay the bill.

That’s right, she experienced daylight robbery.

“Sister System, you can’t do this to me! That’s my hard-earned money!!”

“Will I be the system if I don’t take your hard-earned money” The system responded to Yaeger’s wailing with these words.

A frozen statue was immediately added to the scenery.

‘You actually make a lot of sense, I can’t refute it at all.’


“Sister System, you have changed, you weren’t like this back then! Give me back my gentle, kind, and generous Sister System!”

Yaeger cried out in pain, as if a sister was actually standing in front of her.

Whoom whoom~

The only response to her was the wind.

“Waah, You’re so terrible, I hate you!” Yaeger stumped her feet and opened her inventory panel.

a black crystal the size of a peach pit was now added to it.

It was the Low-grade [Black Dragon’s Bloodline].

“After using it, it will increase Agility, Endurance, and Mentality points.

The user will also gain the [Berserk] Talent.

It’s not bad, it’s a perfect match with Yunuen’s Occupation.”

Yaeger nodded in satisfaction after reading the information provided.

“It’s worth the price of one million.”

Despite feeling that, however, she was already thinking about scamming the players and earning 100 times the money that the System had scammed away from her.

“Not a single person can ever scam my money.

Except if they aren’t a person.” Yaeger murmured.

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Suddenly, a small lightning bolt appeared in mid-air and struck Yaeger without warning.

“Aah!” Immediately, she was paralyzed from electrocution and her body twitched uncontrollably.

“Sister System, it’s my fault, I won’t do it anymore!”

She wasn’t Kastina who would feel immense pleasure after being electrocuted.

Hence, she could only beg for mercy.

Before she finished speaking, the system’s punishment was already nullified.

“Woooo… You are horrible… No, no, you’re the best sister ever!”

She wanted to complain for a bit but realized that faint lightning started crackling in the air.

So, she instantly changed her tune.

‘Damn it, someday I will definitely stomp you into the curb!’

Yaeger was in a love-hate relationship with the system.

At the same time, there was nothing she could not do to change anything.

“By the way, since most dragons are lustful and greedy, there should be a lot of good stuff in its nest!”

Suddenly, Yaeger was reminded of the Swift Black Dragon’s nest.

After realizing that she still had a lot of time, she decided to check it out.

The bottom of the cliff was so large that it seemed to be endless.

It was not an easy thing for her to find a specific cave within it.

However, Yaeger employed a strategy and located the Swift Black Dragon’s nest within 20 minutes.

The journey was uneventful, she encountered no Magic Beasts along the way nor were there any remarkable changes.

Inside the cave, there were more than a dozen small Swift Black Dragons.

However, she instantly eliminated them within a moment.

“It stinks.” After dealing with the small black dragons, Yaeger could not help but cover her mouth.

Then, she used her aura to completely block out that disgusting smell.

The cave was a little damp and there were disgusting sticky fluids everywhere.

It was a lot more different than what she had expected.

‘It still has a thin bloodline after all, it’s not considered to be a true Dragon.”

It was spacious inside, it took Yaeger a few minutes to reach its end.

She found nothing of value on the way.

Hence, she was obviously disappointed by it.

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‘You are so broke and impoverished, how could you be called a Dragon’

Yaeger shook her head, and then suddenly looked at a pile of black rocks.

These rocks seemed a little strange, a faint glow of light emanated from them.

‘What is this’ She carefully approached and picked up one of them.

It was as big as a plate and very heavy.

It was even heavier than a metal bar of the same size.

Upon closer inspection, Yaeger still could not identify it at all.

The information it displayed also branded it as an ‘unknown item’.

‘It seems like I’ll have to take it back to the city for identification.’ With that in mind, she took a black stone and placed it on her back.

‘Since I can put it in the backpack, that means it is somehow useful.’

A player’s backpack could only contain equipment and items.

Other miscellaneous things like rocks, sand, trash, and such could never be stored in it.

There was nothing stopping her from doing so.

Since she deemed it to be useful, she would take all of it with her.

She obtained exactly 200 pieces of black stones.

‘I’ll consider this an extra loot.

It will be profitable to me as long as it’s something useful.”

After coming to the bottom of the cliff, not only did Yaeger gain a lot of experience, she also gained 2 Epic Crates, 1 Low-grade [Black Dragon’s Bloodline], and a bunch of random stuff.

It was obvious that she had gained a lot from this trip.

Of course, it would be even more perfect if she could regain those 1 one million gold coins.

Yaeger deactivated her aura barrier and greedily inhaled the fresh air after she exited the cave.

“Now, it’s time to go back up.” Usually, it was impossible for any players to come back up after going down that cliff.

However, it was different for Yaeger.

She could simply use Telekinesis and walk up.

“It’ll be great if I have some sort of martial arts skill that can make me ascend to the skies just by stomping the ground.”

With a bitter smile, she used her aura to tether the scattered rocks on the ground and suspended it in mid-air.

Then, she jumped and started running up at high speeds.

While Yaeger was making her way up the bottom of the cliff.

In real life, there was a franchised café near New Country Airport—[Stardads].

Three foreigners sat in that establishment’s corner.

On the left, was a young man around the age of 25 with blond hair and blue eyes.

He had a gaunt figure and he wore a blue suit, he seemed quite handsome.

He is named Bunke Smith, and came from the Kangaroo Country.

His name was [Guilty Verdict].

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On the right, there was a petite woman that was actually not young.

She was currently fiddling with her phone while lowering her head.

In the middle, there was a middle-aged man with white hair and a goatee.

Such a combination of people did not seem like they were family, nor were they work colleagues.

Hence, they seemed quite weird.

In fact, it was the first time for them to meet personally.

They all had the same identity—[Hitmen].


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