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Just as Yaeger had activated [Phantom Step], the Swift Black Dragon already pounced towards her.

It seemed like a flash of black lightning that moved at ludicrous speeds.

Since it could only do its following burst of attack for a duration of 3 seconds, it could not waste any of it.

The giant claws carried strong winds, creating a wave of invisible pressure and also an aura as sharp as knives.

They were about to completely ravage the opponent! Yaeger looked intently and fully activated the power of wind.

tipping her toes, her figure flashed and instantly got out of the giant claw’s attack range.

Currently, the Swift Black Dragon was at an energized state and its attacks were utterly terrifying to deal with.

Yaeger would not try to face it directly since she was not an idiot.

The giant claws missed and then left several terrifying gashes on the ground, gravel splashed all around.

Yaeger drew her crossbow while being in the air, preparing to counterattack.

Meanwhile, her pupils shrank after seeing the Swift Black Dragon missing its attack and then instantly twisting its body.

She felt a dangerous premonition.


In the end, a strange sound was heard.

It seemed like whistling but also akin to a monster’s cries.

Yaeger did not need to speculate on the source of the sound, because she already saw a long tail that was filled with blood-red barbs had whipped towards her.

Its momentum and oppressive force were akin to a giant grabbing a concrete column and violently swinging at her.

Yaeger could not avoid it at all.

She extended her aura and shaped it into a barely materializing [Sphere] to protect herself.


The next moment, the Swift Black Dragon’s large tail widely smashed onto the [Sphere].

The powerful impact force had forcefully contorted the defensive shield as it swept horizontally.

“Ugh!” Yaeger had suffered quite the impact inside the [Sphere].

She felt the urge to spit blood after the force rumbled her body inside out.

A second passed.

The Swift Black Dragon returned to its normal position then clamped on the ground with both claws and opened its mouth widely—manifesting black energy balls that shot towards Yaeger madly.

Bang bang bang bang!

The [Sphere] suffered heavy impacts and it was severely deformed.

It was also slammed into a stone wall.

Yaeger’s expression was bitter as she continued to maintain the shield with great difficulty.

The black energy balls fired continuously and they were about to destroy her shield.

However, the attack had suddenly stopped.

Two seconds passed.

Yaeger was puzzled, then she finally realized what was going on after looking in front of her.

It turned out that the Swift Black Dragon was already here.

Its opened mouth was manifesting a black energy ball that was wider than two people combined.

Both of its razor-sharp claws had landed on the [Sphere]—they would completely destroy Yaeger’s defense shield if they pulled hard.

‘This is bad!’ Yaeger had obviously underestimated the strength and intelligence of the Swift Black Dragon.

She could never expect that it would employ methods that would cause significant harm to itself to defeat her.

This was a close-ranged lethal attack! It was utterly unavoidable!

The Swift Black Dragon wasted no time, it instantly unleashed its ultimate attack once her shield was broken.

The huge black energy ball instantly slammed into Yaeger.

At the same time, the Swift Black Dragon contorted its body and retreated at ludicrous speeds.

Furthermore, the moment it had quickly backed off, violent wind blades instantly erupted on the scene.

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Three seconds passed.


The black energy ball exploded, releasing terrifying energy and was about to destroy everything around it!

Yaeger was simultaneously attacked by the devastating energy ball and by violent wind blades.

She was close to dying, no, she would certainly die!

Using the ability of [Berserk] and [Shadow Dash], the Swift Black Dragon perfectly avoided the aftermath of the attack.

Then, it raised its head and howled—feeling immensely excited after being able to kill the strongest enemy it had ever met with its strongest attacks.

“You’re so noisy!”

However, at this moment, a bothersome voice was heard.

The Swift Black Dragon’s heart beated violently after realizing that sound was extremely familiar to it.

Indeed, it came from its hated enemy!

Immediately after, the Swift Black Dragon realized that something sharp was fiercely stabbed into its body, it felt immense pain.

After turning around and looking, it could see a woman who was unparalleled in beauty slowly pulling out a sword—Out of its strong and robust body!

Then, flames erupted and instantly toasted the Swift Black Dragon’s wound.

The pleasant smell of roasted meat emanated on the scene.

This attack was precisely an assassination attempt that Yaeger was most proficient at—combining [Flash] and [Shadow Strike].

Previously, when the Swift Black Dragon’s fatal blow was about to strike Yaeger, she used Beginner-level Flash and avoided it.

Then, she concealed herself and stabbed it while it had relaxed.

In this sneak attack, Yaeger used [Shadow Strike]—it had triggered [Sword Intent] and [Demonic Flameslash] as well.

The multiplied and stacked damage were extremely pleasant to the eye since it also included her Artifact’s Special Effect that granted her 100% Critical Chance.

In a single blow would remove half the Swift Black Dragon’s remaining health bar.

By now, it had less than 14% health points remaining.

“Roar!” It rolled fearlessly while feeling frightened and enraged at the same time.

It instantly turned around and swiped its claw at her head.

It would kill this opponent today, no matter what! Otherwise, it would never enjoy a peaceful life!

Yaeger only smirked as she noticed the incoming attack.

She tipped her toes and gracefully dodged it like a fairy.

Despite missing the claw attack, the Swift Black Dragon did not pause in the slightest.

It turned around and instantly pounced her.

It realized that the opponent was an incredibly threatening existence to it.

Thus, it wanted to kill her right away!

“Without any Special Abilities, you are nothing but a bigger target to me.” Yaeger once again avoided the attack and switched to a crossbow, unleashing shots towards the Swift Black Dragon.

Lightning Damage and Poison Damage continuously reduced its health points.

At this point, the Swift Black Dragon felt the urge to escape.

It no longer cared about its so-called ‘dragon’s pride’.

Regrettably, it was too late.

A wondrous noise was suddenly heard.

Immediately after, a purple tornado had manifested and swept the Swift Black Dragon into the air.

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“Bloom like fireworks.” Yaeger naturally would capitalize on such a great opportunity.

She fiercely unleashed another torrent of attacks.

The Swift Black Dragon’s health bar turned red within an instant, while Yaeger’s barrage had also ended at this time.

She gulped down a bottle of High-Grade Mana recovery potion while running to the Swift Black Dragon.

It was currently falling down from the air.

After gulping down the bottle’s contents, she tossed it away and raised her slender hands.

Then, the stone fragments on the floor instantly levitated and were situated in mid-air.

Immediately after, Yaeger jumped up and instantly charged the Swift Black Dragon while running on the floating stone fragments.

On the other hand, the Swift Black Dragon that was barely alive opened its eyes and realized that Yaeger was running towards him in mid-air.

It was so scared that its soul almost left its body.

It wanted to resist but realized that it couldn’t move its body at all.

“Get down there!” By now, Yaeger’s beautiful legs had tapped its head.


A muffled thud was heard.

Before the Swift Black Dragon could feel any pain, it was already launched towards the ground like a rocket!


The ground shattered and its body was immediately embedded within.

Severe pain shot straight up its spine, it felt like it was being tortured.

Although the pain was real, it could only endure it since it was facing a life or death crisis.

Raising its head and staring at the opponent, it was about to desperately fight back.

Yet, it was instantly shocked after looking at her.

A palm! The Swift Black Dragon saw a massive palm in the air.

“Have you ever seen a palm attack that descends from the skies”


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