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As the light dissipated, a sword about three feet long floated in the air.

It had a simple design with draconic patterns engraved on the scabbard.

It was named: [Dragon Abyss Sword].

“It’s actually a Chinese-styled sword, not bad.” Yeager flicked her hand and the [Dragon Abyss Sword] flew over.


When the sword was unsheathed, it radiated a chilling glow.

One-handed equipment: [Dragon Abyss Sword]

Grade: Epic, Level 5 (Upgradable)

Level Restriction: Level 25

Attribute: none

Attack Damage: 223

Durability: 99

30 Strength

60 Agility

100 Critical Damage

Special effect 1: 3% of your attacks will trigger [Sword Intent], increasing all your sword damage by 50% for 1 second.

Special effect 2: When you trigger [Sword Intent], there is a 1% chance to trigger the cooldown of any of your skills or special effects.

Description: This is a legendary sword from a low-level dimension with unparalleled sharpness and lethality.

There might be unexpected effects if it is leveled up.

“Not bad.” Yaeger was indifferent after inspecting the information about the [Dragon Abyss Sword].

Based on the statistics alone, this weapon was better than Rakshasa’s [Scarlet Heavenly Sword].

Yet, its actual Attack Power was inferior to [Scarlet Heavenly Sword].

It was because these two weapons had very different Special Effects.

Not only did the [Dragon Abyss Sword] have zero attribute damage, its two Special Effects that sounded powerful actually had no practical use.

Not because those Special Effects were terrible but because the chance to trigger them were too low.

Although Yaeger’s Luck value was very high, it would not show any effectiveness after she was using high-grade equipment and high-level skills.

“The Epic Level-up Book can be used one more time.

Let’s see what kind of surprises you will give me.”

Although the [Dragon Abyss Sword] in its non-upgraded state was already enough for Yaeger—she still decided to go ahead and upgrade this sword to the next level after considering that she had to enter the maze after reaching Level 30.

After using it a total of three times, the [Epic Level-up Tome] instantly dissipated into light particles.

Then, there was dazzling light and a wave of heat in front of her.

Yaeger felt like she was directly in front of the sun!

Gradually, the blinding light dissipated but that wave of heat only grew more intense.

Compared to its previous state, the scabbard of [Dragon Abyss Sword] had undergone drastic changes.

Moreover, the simple design of the weapon had also become exaggerated, it now looked like a snarling fire dragon that looked incredibly vivid.

Yaeger immediately checked its information after retrieving the sword.

One-handed equipment: [Dragon Abyss Sword: Sunscorch] Grade: Epic, Level 9 (upgradeable)

Level Restriction: Level 25

Attribute: Fire

Attack Damage: 266

Durability: 99

35 Strength

75 Agility

150 Critical Damage

180 Fire Damage

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Special effect 1: 6% of your attacks will trigger [Sword Intent], increasing all your sword attacks by 50% for 1 second.

Special effect 2: When you trigger [Sword Intent], the cooldown of any of your skills or special effects has a 3% chance to reset.

Special effect 3: Your attack has a 10% chance to trigger the fire skill [Flaming Sword], causing 200% Fire Damage and 100 Bleeding Damage for 3 seconds.

Description: This is a legendary sword from a low-level dimension with unparalleled sharpness and lethality.

It was granted fiery powers after upgrading, was it not surprising

“It is an Epic Level nine sword with the fire attribute and three Special Effects.

How can I be considered a human if I’m still dissatisfied by it”

Yaeger equipped [Dragon Abyss Sword: Sunscorch] with a smile and her stats were instantly changed.

“There’s nothing to be afraid of when I have a powerful sword in hand.” As a master in swordsmanship, it never seemed graceful if she always resolved her conflicts with her fists.

Yaeger sighed in melancholy as she recalled the past where she had no swords to use.

At this moment, white particles manifested on her body as dimensional magic enveloped her.

The next moment, white light flashed.

She felt slight dizziness and realized that the sunlight descending from the skies were extremely irritating.

Yaeger stretched out her hand to shield her eyes.

Soon, her vision eventually returned to normal.

There was a bamboo forest in front of her.

The bamboo plants were purple and about 4 meters tall, they were as thick as her wrist.

A gust of wind came and the plants rustled.

Moreover, there was a small bamboo hut not far away, with a patch of empty land in front of it.

This was the 11th floor, which was inhabited by a Floor Master.

Now, Yaeger only had two choices.

First, she had to exit the Tower of Heroes.

It was no longer worthwhile for her to continue the challenge since she had achieved her goals.

She was only level 25 after all.

Thus, it would be immensely difficult for her to win a fight against a Floor Master on higher floors.

Her second choice was to keep pressing on.

Who cares about the Floor Masters on higher floors She would destroy them all the same!

“Considering that Yasa might manage to go through the tenth floor and reach the eleventh, It’s best for me to ascend another floor just to be safe.”

Since whoever lost this bet would lose their honor and right to live as a human, who could afford to lose it Moreover, she felt a little eager to test her current strength after gaining a new sword.

Coincidentally, the 11th’s floor Floor Master was a perfect target for her to test it out.

Entering the bamboo forest, Yaeger then reached the empty plot of land in front of the bamboo hut.


The bamboo door opened and a man in his early 30s walked out.

He had a thin body and a typical appearance, yet his eyes were as sharp as a razor.

He was dressed in a simple attire and also held a sword that looked just as simple.

“My name is [Kahardor], a man that wishes to be a Great Warrior! Challenger, tell me your name!”

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The man jumped and landed in front of Yaeger then spoke with a commanding tone.

“Kahardor Great Warrior” Suddenly, Yaeger remembered the first time she met Kahn.

‘My name is Kahn, the disciple of great Warrior Kahardor! Beautiful adventurer, tell me your name!’ She recalled Kahn saying those words at that time.

“Do you have any questions” Kahardor frowned as he slowly unsheathed his sword and pointed at her.

“Will you not tell me your name Whatever.

I’m not interested in knowing the name of a loser anyway.”

So arrogant!

Yeager was both exasperated and amused.

She no longer cared to verify if he was Kahn’s master, she only wanted to beat him up first.

[Dragon Abyss Sword: Sunscorch] was unsheathed!



Their sword aura clashed as they looked at each other.

Within an instant, it formed a circular shockwave.

Swoosh Swoosh!

The next moment, the bamboo plants around them were severed and slowly dropped on the ground.

Kahardor’s eyes wavered momentarily as he felt surprised.

Meanwhile, Yaeger’s expression remained the same but she now held onto her weapon with greater force.

‘As expected of a level 35 Warrior, his external sword aura alone was enough to make me feel immense pressure.’

“You are very strong.

Sadly, you are still an amateur.” Kahardor made a comment.

Immediately after, he slipped around and approached Yaeger like a phantom.

His blade was about to directly pierce her neck.

Seeing that intense sword flash that quickly magnified in her field of vision, Yaeger was actually not flustered and even felt the urge to laugh.


When the blade had reached its target, Kahardor’s body somehow flew away with a weird stance and he spat out a mouthful of blood.

“Since it’s not graceful for me to solve problems with my fists, I’ll have to use my tail.” Yaeger smiled as there were nine tails waving about behind her.

On the other hand, in the tower’s sixth floor.

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“Yahahahahah!” At this moment, Yasa exerted himself completely and concentrated all of his strength into this sword slash.


With a slash, bright red mist appeared in the air.


The Floor Master of the sixth floor fell to the ground and died, gradually turning into white light and disappearing.

“Huff… Huff… Huff…” Yasa breathed heavily.

“As expected of the Tower of Heroes.

All of the Floor Masters are difficult to deal with!”

“Speaking of which, I suppose that damned woman must be eliminated from the challenge by now.

Hehehe, I can’t wait to see her expression when she’s naked and kneeling in Jadeleaf Plaza while eating feces in broad daylight!”

Sheathing his sword, Yasa stretched out his fingers and brushed his hair, revealing a sinister smile on his face.


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