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“Your ability is actually your own body.

If I’m not wrong, you relied on some kind of [Thermal Sense] ability from snakes to capture my attack trajectory, and then dodge in advance, right”

Yaeger stood up straight and put her hands down as she spoke calmly.

At this moment, Viper felt like he was stripped naked and was clearly seen by his opponent.

“So what if I am, and what if I’m not” He licked the dagger.

But since his ability was figured out by his opponent, it would affect his performance in combat.

His speed evaluation was A, strength evaluation was A , response time was A, endurance was A , endurance was C-, and his comprehensive strength was evaluated as Grade A.

Thus, his actual combat effectiveness had reached Grade A .

He had performed so embarrassingly just now, because he had not expected that Yaeger would have strength comparable to a Master.

Due to his negligence, his opponent had the upper hand.

After being able to catch a break, Viper was naturally not afraid of Yaeger.

Moreover, he realized that Yaeger’s aura had seemingly weakened after that flurry of attacks.

It seemed that wave of attack had expended a lot of her energy!

Viper sneered and moved deftly, preparing to strike.

“Nothing much.

I just wanted to tell you that I was great at smacking snakes when I was a kid.” Yaeger said indifferently.

“Hehe, then show it to me!” Viper had instantly launched out before he finished speaking.

Like a large black snake, he pounced furiously.

The dagger flashed a chilling glint of light, turning into the fangs of a snake and stabbed towards Yaeger’s chest.

It was obviously impossible for him to capture his opponent while causing no damage.

Thus, Viper instantly made a lethal attack and tried to incapacitate Yaeger within a strike.

However, Yaeger would not allow him to succeed.

She moved gracefully and dodged the dagger’s strikes with a blink of an eye.

Viper felt his attack missed.

He instantly twisted his body and fiercely pounced again.

Using his physical body as an advantage, he launched wave after wave of fierce attacks that never ceased.

‘Transcendents are indeed hard to deal with!’ Yaeger kept evading as there were several cuts on her clothes.

Because of his snake-like abilities, Viper’s attacks were not only swift and accurate, his striking angle was also tricky and made it difficult for others to predict.

Despite having the ability to predict it using her Domain, Yaeger can’t perfectly dodge all the strikes.

By now, it’s pretty good for her to not bleed.

“You can really dodge, but that ends now!” Snakes are very patient reptiles that specialize in all kinds of hunting methods.

After testing the waters by attacking dozens of times, Viper had discovered Yaeger’s weakness.

He immediately exposed his venomous fangs, and was about to utterly capture his prey.

With a cold flash, Viper twisted his body strangely.

He suddenly lashed out his dagger and aimed to pierce Yaeger’s lungs.

Facing this kind of irregular and weird attack, Yaeger’s pupils instantly shrank.

She had shown a terrified expression on her face for the first time.

‘Mission complete!’ At this moment, Viper seemed to have seen a red carpet laid out in front of him, which was filled with countless bouquets of flowers and praises for him.

Unfortunately, this red carpet disappeared in a blink of an eye.

No, it was distorted.


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Viper suddenly shifted his vision as an extra fist mark was seen on his face.

Feelings like sweetness in his throat, blood, and a single tooth erupted from his mouth.

Immediately afterwards, his body levitated.

It turned 3,600 degrees and only stopped after slamming into the wall.

“Who did you say ends now” Yaeger twiddled her black and silky hair and said with a smile.

“Wah!” Viper stood up forcefully and spat out another pool of blood.

He felt an incomprehensible sense of dizziness within his brain.

Overwhelming pain stimulated his nerves.

It made him feel that half his face was relentlessly bashed by someone holding a sledgehammer.

“What did you do to me!” At that moment, Viper didn’t know what had happened.

The moment he felt changes happening on his body, he was already sent flying.

“Huhuhu, classified trade secret.” Yaeger marched forward with her slender and flawless long legs.

Tightly clenching her fists that were white as jade.

Crackling noises could be heard from her knuckles.

After the round of defensive and offensive battle, she had grown accustomed to Viper’s attack rhythm.

If she wasn’t conserving energy just now, she would have killed Viper with that strike.

Unfortunately, the reality is different from the game world.

Once her energy was spent, there were no mana potions for her to chug.

If she had consumed too much energy to deal with Viper, she would be in danger if she found herself in subsequent confrontations.

“I admit, I somewhat underestimated you!” As his dizziness gradually disappeared, Viper gazed fiercely and clenched his dagger tighter.

Like a venomous snake that was gathering strength to pounce, he crouched down.

“This time, not anymore!”

After that, he shot out like a cannonball, his body spun rapidly, and the dagger in his hand pierced forward.

On the other side, Yaeger had already dodged in advance once Viper’s attack had reached her Domain.

When the attack had arrived, Yaeger’s fierce counterattack would devastate Viper to the point of disability and having to live the rest of his life reliant on others.

However, Viper’s attack did not follow a normal trajectory and his movement had changed halfway.

Retracting his hand and stabbing the dagger onto the ground, he spun his body and horizontally swept his long legs towards Yaeger.

The change arrived so quickly that Yaeger had no time to react.

It was impossible for her to dodge.

Just as Viper’s legs were about to sweep her away, an invisible force suddenly slammed onto those legs.


There was a muffled noise at the scene.

“Waaagh!” Then, Viper was seen flying outwards and slammed into the wall, making a weird noise.

As for Yaeger, she wasn’t in a good state either.

That strong impact force made her stomp several steps backwards.

As her internals tumbled, she felt very awful.

‘It’s really annoying for me to restrict myself while attacking.’ Taking a deep breath, Yaeger felt annoyed.

If it was any other day, she would be able to make Viper kiss the floor for an eternity with a surge of power and turn him into a dead snake.

“Ha… Good, very good!” Viper was furious and pounced again.

Yaeger blasted out with a punch, which Viper dodged coolly.


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He had actually dodged the attack, but he was still blasted away.

‘What’s going on Why can’t I see her attack!’ Viper was horrified, and felt that the [Princess] in front of him was terrifyingly mystical.

‘No, the opponent is too strange, it’s impossible to capture her alive.

It seems that I can only be cruel and destroy her!’

Viper swiftly calmed down and pulled out a dagger from behind his back.

It was different from the dagger that was stuck on the ground.

This was a slick green dagger.

“You actually forced me to use my trump card, [Princess], you did very well! Unfortunately, this ends now!”

Viper smirked and made a confident smile.

“Do you see this dagger As you can see, everything on top is poison.

Moreover, it’s very potent.

Just a smidgen of it will be enough to kill a killer whale.

It is named [Toxic Edge].”

After speaking, Viper licked the dagger habitually.

The next moment, his face was distorted and his eyes widened as his pupils shrank sharply.

His entire body trembled as his lips that had turned purple were quivering.

He could only say one word with great effort: “No!”

Before he could finish speaking, Viper dropped onto the ground and spat out black-colored blood.

He then stretched out his legs and his body quickly stiffened.


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