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Inside the room, it was pitch black.

However, Yaeger could still clearly see the environment within with her eyesight.

A man stood in the hall.

About two meters tall, he was dressed in black and had a thin body.

His emerald eyes were very apparent in the dark.

He held Yaeger’s skirt in his left hand.

Raising his right hand, he revealed a military dagger and shot his sharp gaze over.

Yaeger had seen this man before.

It was the foreigner that passed her by last night.

At his feet, an intact can of meat laid quietly on the floor.

While empty cans were Scattered not far away.

In an instant, Yaeger knew that she fell into a trap.

It was obvious that this man already figured out that she had returned.

His previous behavior and actions were deliberately done to frustrate Yaeger and make her reveal herself.

However, it doesn’t matter whether she was deceived or not.

Since Yaeger had already decided that she would beat any enemies she discovered to death.

The man in black—[Viper] was excited, he uncontrollably spat out his weird-looking forked tongue.

“Hehehe, it really is you! To describe this current situation with a saying from your country, Cathay—Fancy finding by sheer luck what one has searched for far and wide!”

Not long ago, he felt a wondrous power appearing nearby, thus he chose to search the surroundings.

Following the remaining presence of power that had not dissipated, Viper had successfully made his way here.

After a careful investigation, he discovered that this was most likely the hiding place of the [Princess].

Thus, he had been lurking here all this time and waited for the prey to show itself.

Now, the prey had really slammed into the trap!

Viper was truly excited and emotional.

As long as he could capture [Princess] alive and achieve his mission, he would receive unimaginable rewards for his deed.

Get promoted and become rich, send Maria into his bedroom, awesome!

Yaeger looked calm, but was slightly turbulent in her heart.

She really didn’t understand how this man found his way here.

Since she had been staying here, she had been very cautious entering and leaving the place.

Suddenly, Yaeger remembered Mylene Tian’s words.

‘Among the Transcendents, there are some monsters that specialize in tracking.

As long as they find the slightest clue, your situation will become very dangerous.’

A Transcendent, this man was most definitely a Transcendent! They can easily discover traces that ordinary people couldn’t notice.

“Relax, I won’t kill you.

You are more valuable to me alive than dead.” Viper licked his dagger and showed an evil grin.

Just now when there was a door between them, he was afraid that Yaeger would suddenly escape since it would be troublesome to pursue.

Thus, he had put on an act and deliberately provoked her.

In fact, he had no interest in women at all, not to mention women’s clothing!


The red skirt was thrown out, then the dagger flashed.

In an instant, the skirt was turned into tattered rags.

Seeing the first skirt in her life was gone just like that, Yaeger seemed very calm.

She felt that Viper’s strength was not weak, he was maybe slightly lesser than Mitch.

Under normal circumstances, Yaeger would’ve ended the fight within 10 seconds.

But since she had expended too much energy earlier, it would be somewhat troublesome for her to face an enemy at this level.

However, “I’m afraid you don’t know what it means to die.” She had never been afraid of trouble.

Moreover, she was really angry.

Because that skirt was very expensive!

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Yaeger has never bought such expensive clothes before.

But it was already ruined by this b̲a̲s̲t̲a̲r̲d̲ after only wearing it once.

It was impossible for her to tolerate it! She instantly entered the room and locked the door.

Yaeger entered a state of combat, killing intent flashed in her beautiful eyes.

Even if there was no grudge of him ruining the skirt, she would not let Viper go anyway.

‘I must kill him right here and now! Otherwise, the consequences will be disastrous!’

Feeling Yaeger’s killing intent, Viper felt something was amiss.

‘Didn’t they say the [Princess] only knows some martial arts Why would she give me such a strong sense of oppression’

Just as Viper was puzzled, Yaeger’s figure flashed and instantly appeared in front of him.

Lashing out her fist like a cannonball.

A strong gust of wind impacted his face before the fist had landed.

It made Viper feel a sense of danger.

If he was struck by this swift punch, his face would definitely be ruined!

He didn’t dare show the slightest hint of negligence.

His body twisted and seemingly slithered like a snake, gracefully dodging Yaeger’s attack.

Yaeger was slightly surprised that she had missed the attack.

Since this was the first time that she had battled a Transcendent, she could not help but feel extra caution in her heart.

Before figuring out her opponent’s Special Ability, she was figuratively surrounded by a minefield.

If she had accidentally stepped on one, she would sustain heavy injuries if she wasn’t killed outright.

After dodging the attack, Viper’s face was pale and felt shocked.

He no longer dwelled on the fact whether she knew any martial arts.

‘This [Princess] obviously has the strength at the level of a Master, okay!’

Viper yelled in his heart and cursed Maria.

He initially thought that his opponent was akin to a wild hog.

Yet, he couldn’t imagine that she would shed the boar’s hide and reveal her true identity as a fearsome tiger.

Yaeger attacked again, her heavy fists carrying unparalleled power as they lashed out.

Viper would not dare to endure such an attack.

He instantly twisted his body like a mudskipper.

With a squeak, he dodged the attack.

“Didn’t you act very dignified just now” Yaeger was unforgiving despite having the advantage, her heavy fists lashed out like a storm.

However, the strange part was that her lightning-fast fists had never landed on Viper even once.

Her opponent seemed to be able to read the future.

He had dodged all the fists, before they had even arrived.

Although he acted in an embarrassing manner, he was absolutely unscathed!

‘He has a Domain as well’ Yaeger stopped, her expression gradually becoming solemn.

Viper’s predictive abilities reminded her of her own Domain.

Within the Domain, Yaeger could predict the opponent’s next move in advance.

Viper seemed to be able to do the same!

‘No, I didn’t feel that similar aura on him.

Could it be his ability’

Viper panted slightly, and his pupils contracted involuntarily.

He indeed relied on his ability to avoid all the attacks just now.

Instead of saying it was his ability, it was more apt to say that his body was the ability itself.

[Viper] had special organs that could sense the changes in surrounding heat.

Despite being in a pitch-black environment, he could determine the location of his prey.

Previously, he had discovered Yaeger outside the door with this ability.


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[Thermal Sense] had a quick reaction time.

The instant it had captured a change in thermal energy, Viper would instantly formulate his opponent’s movement trajectory in his brain and make a prediction.


“Are you a Serpentkind” Although it was unlikely, Yaeger still chose to voice her deduction.

Hearing this, Viper’s eyes couldn’t help but widen.

“I really guessed it.” Although Yaeger was surprised in her heart, her expression was still calm.

‘Transcendents and whatnot, there’s really all kinds of strange people.

This feels like a Demi-human in .’

Indeed, half the reason she had made such a guess was due to his movement behavior and physical attributes.

Such as his forked tongue, his seemingly bogus body that could twist in any direction.

And also his predictive ability that was akin to a Domain.

The other half was because Yaeger had seen many different species of Demi-humans in the game.

Thus, she was immediately reminded of a similar connection.


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