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The scene instantly fell silent and every other person’s complexion turned ugly…uglier.

Even though they mocked being handsome as useless, they still dreamed about being handsome at heart.

Who doesn’t dream of waking up handsome every day

Who doesn’t dream of attracting the opposite sex’s attention every time they walk on the streets

They dream, but that’s merely their daydream.

Therefore, when Yaeger opened their scars and even sprinkled salt on the wounds, their anger value was raised to the extreme.

It was so high that they even forgot that Yaeger was a ‘commodity’ and all they wanted to do was beat him up to vent their anger.

“You all, deserve to die.” But their fury wasn’t even one ten-thousandth of Yaeger’s anger.

When they heard this venomous voice come out from the cracks of her teeth, they couldn’t help but shudder.

What kind of animosity, what kind of hatred, would cause such a young man to hiss such an eerie and terrifying voice!

“You are the ones seeking death, you can’t blame me.” As she spoke, Yaeger’s eyes seemed lost, without the slightest focus, and her clenched fists created a creaking sound.

In the following instant, a cold murderous aura emerged from her body and caused the surrounding temperature to decrease by a few degrees in a matter of seconds.

“Kill, kill them all.” Now, Yaeger was left with only one solution to her current crisis and that was to transform.

At the same time, she had no choice but to cruelly make these people become stiff corpses under the moonlight in order to prevent her transformation ability from leaking out.

“If you want to blame something, blame your own greed.

If you weren’t greedy, if you didn’t become the dregs of society, then you wouldn’t need to go to be reincarnated this early.

Feel regret, feel pain, then, go die.”

Yaeger tilted her head slightly and raised the corners of her lips a little to reveal an unsmiling smile, then that cold aura grew even more intense.

Upon seeing this, the green-haired gangsters and the others felt their scalps tingle, their bodies stiffen, and an indescribable panic grow in their hearts!

“See you…no, may we eternally part.” Yaeger narrowed her eyes as she prepared herself to say those nightmarish words within her heart.

It was at this time.

“You scums of society are really nauseating.

I’ll teach you guys a good lesson!”

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A delicate and soft angry voice suddenly rang out.

Yaeger looked in the direction of the sound and vaguely made out a figure standing behind the gangsters.

Hearing a voice from behind them, these gangsters appeared to have been lifted of immobilization magic and came out of their state of inexplicable fear.

When they looked at Yaeger again, they no longer had that feeling of terror within their hearts and their expressions quickly recovered to their original states.

It was as if their previous experience was merely an illusory dream, one where they would feel nothing of it once waking up.

“Who are you” The green-haired gangster turned around to look at a place not too far away.

Under the saffron lighting from the street lamps, he saw a petite figure standing there proudly.

This figure was delicate, cute, and appeared to not even be 13 years old!

“Little devil, mind your own business, go home and get back to sucking on breasts!” The green-haired gangster waved his head and spoke impatiently.

The thing he hated most in his life was this kind of not too old or not too young child.

Yaeger finally saw this person’s appearance from the small space between the gangsters.

It was a twelve or thirteen-year-old girl with a cute appearance wearing a white dress and black gloves on both hands!

“I~! Hate it the most when people call me little devil!” The little lass——Mylene Tian’s cherry lips pouted as she tapped on the ground with the tip of her shoe and shot forth, “And I especially hate to hear it from people like you who like to bully the weak!”

The green-haired gangster suddenly discovered something wrong; how could such a small child be so quick!

In a blink of an eye, Mylene Tian appeared in front of him like a cannonball and punched out with her small fist.

A muffled noise rang out in the instant of contact.

Following which, everyone present saw the green-haired gangster shoot out towards the sky as if he had been hit by a truck and let out a blood-curdling screech.

All of them were stunned; they weren’t able to ever imagine that the little lass in front of them wasn’t a real little girl, but rather a prehistoric Tyrannosaurus!

How truly terrifying!

Yaeger was stunned for a while, feeling extremely shocked in her mind.

This little girl’s strength was actually so excessively powerful!

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Upon seeing things go awry, one of the gangsters ran away at full speed!

Unfortunately, he was overtaken by Mylene Tian in an instant and punched flying.

“How refreshing!” She had been feeling depressed for the past two days and was worrying about not having a place to vent.

She was previously lured out by the mysterious and formidable aura, but ended up with no results.

Just when she was about to return home, she heard some passersby talking about several gangsters chasing a teenager.

In a split second, she made the decision that she would treat these people as punching bags, no, as villains to enforce justice on!

When had these gangsters ever met such a terrifying person So the logical next step was for each of them to flee in fright.

Unfortunately for them, their running speed was too slow, and were immediately overtaken by Mylene Tian.

With a punch and a kick, they collectively bent over in pain.

“Are you oka……” It was at this point in time that Mylene Tian remembered that there was a victim on the scene.

But when she looked over to look at the person’s appearance, her mind went blank.

Her cherry lips opened slightly and she finally uttered two words with much difficulty: “Big……bro……ther……”

“Hah” Puzzlement filled Yaeger’s face, what ‘big brother’ was she referring to

“Big brother!” Mylene Tian’s mind finally began working again and her eyes moistened as she involuntarily yelled.

Ten years, this was the big brother she hadn’t seen in ten years!

Despite not being quite the same as he did in his childhood, Mylene Tian was still able to recognize him at a glance.

This boy who appeared to be the condensation of all handsomeness in the world was the big brother Yaeger that she longed for!

Yaeger blinked her eyes, muttered under her breath, and found that the other person was really calling her big brother.

“Who are you” No matter how she searched her memories, Yaeger wasn’t able to find a similar person, so she tentatively asked her.

Following which, she saw this young lady suddenly petrify and tears began rolling down her cheeks shortly after.

Hold on! What kind of situation is this!

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Yaeger felt a spell of bafflement.

“Wuaaah……big brother doesn’t remember me!” Mylene Tian cried out sadly.

Yaeger’s heart trembled upon hearing this sobbing voice.

(Can somebody tell me about what this ineffable development is all about)

“Big…..big brother doesn’t want Mylene! Wuaaah!”

Big brother, Mylene

These three words combined into a metaphorical heavy hammer that smashed into Yaeger’s head, causing a long-forgotten memory to make its appearance from a distant corner of her mind.


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