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“You contributed the most, so it’s natural that you deserve an orange equipment box.

It’s also reasonable that Vanessa wants one of the purple equipment.

Apart from the Divine Equipment, how about Princess’ other two purple equipment goes to my Limitless Guild”


adjusted his gold-rimmed eyeglasses again as he spoke with a serious expression.

“Not a problem.

However, I want 60% of Princess’ other equipment and her high-level potions.

You and Vanessa can discuss how to split the rest.

Will that be fine”

Wild focused his attention fully on S.K.Y.

with an equally serious expression.

Friendship was friendship, but benefits were benefits.

Things still needed to be said beforehand.


mulled it over for a bit and nodded slowly.

“Very good.

As long as Vanessa agrees after we talk to her, our three major guilds will formally establish an alliance!”

Wild raised his wineglass.

“I wish for our alliance’s success!” S.K.Y.

clinked his wineglass against Wild’s and gulped down the remaining imitation 1982 Sprite in one gulp.

The two of them then exchanged glances and smiled happily.

After the enjoyable drinking experience, Wild and S.K.Y.

set up a video conference with Vanessa.

The negotiations were really successful, as the three major guilds established a formal alliance after less than 10 minutes of discussion.

After the video chat ended, S.K.Y.

and Wild continued to enjoy their imitation Sprite drinking party.

Both of them felt like all of Princess’ belongings would soon be theirs!

“S.K.Y., there are still many problems that we’re currently facing.” Wild suddenly spoke up after his emotions gradually calmed down.

“Are you referring to the issue of leveling” S.K.Y.


“That’s right.

Pay-to-win players like us have venerated statuses and excellent bloodlines as our advantages, so we’ll require less experience to level.

However, ordinary players don’t have such benefits.

Even if we catch up to Princess’s level, it’s meaningless if our guild members can’t catch up as well.”

If there was too much of a level difference, then it would be complete suicide for them to try and attack Princess, who possessed Divine Equipment!


set down his wineglass and gently waved his hand with a calm expression.

“You don’t need to worry about that.

Once you enter the main city, apart from holy knights, all players can freely choose their own faction.”

“Choose a faction” Wild was somewhat confused.

There wasn’t much information about Jade City on the forums yet.

Most information was simply scenic pictures of Jade City.

“This game world has three major factions – Light, Darkness, and Chaos.

After a player chooses a faction, they can get benefits from that faction.

For instance, a 5% increase to experience gained.”

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“A 5% experience boost!” Wild slammed his hand on the table and got up.

“For real!”

“Of course it’s real.” S.K.Y.

gently gestured for Wild to calm down.

“As I previously mentioned, I sent a level 10 player to Jade City to gather information.

He sent all that information to me.

After a player joins a faction, not only will they receive a 5% experience buff, they will also gain access to the faction store.

They can then use faction reputation to exchange for rare equipment and items in the faction store!”

“That means…”

“That’s right, once a player enters the main city and joins a faction, as long as an ordinary player grinds enough and does their best to grind reputation, they won’t be too far behind us in leveling.

Additionally, we can also use these ordinary players to grind reputation for us and exchange for equipment and items to strengthen ourselves with!”


became more and more excited as he spoke.

His face even became somewhat red with excitement.

“Hahaha, great, this is great! In that case, even if Princess has the strength of a world boss, she’ll still be smashed to death under all our weight!”

Wild clenched his fists with an overly excited expression.

“However.” After he was excited for a while, he then calmed down.

“Will Princess really allow us to grow so successfully like that”

S.K.Y.’s lips arched upwards slightly when he heard this.

He answered in a dark tone, “if she gives us a hard time, we’ll give her a hard time as well!”

“Oh, why do you say that”

“What everyone thinks is that the current Princess is undefeatable.

However, she should have originally been undefeatable, yet she created a weakness for herself!”

“What weakness” Wild asked with curiosity.

Did that seemingly undefeatable Princess really have a weakness

“People are social creatures.

As long as they’re in groups, they’ll always have a weakness.

Her weakness is her Princess Alliance guild!”

Wild instantly understood after he heard this.

“That’s right, how come I never thought of it Princess is the undefeatable one, but the others in her guild aren’t undefeatable at all!”

“Exactly! If Princess dares to target us and get in the way of our leveling… Haha, we’ll attack her guild at that time!”

S.K.Y.’s lips arched upwards greatly in a vicious smile.

In his eyes, apart from Rakshasa, the other members of the Princess Alliance were all unnecessary baggage for Princess.

This was especially so for Yunuen Lin, who was basically nothing more than a huge burden.

“It’s all so clear to me now.

I was fooled by her strength and never thought that she would have such a weakness.

By the way, do you think that she has such a strong relationship with them that she’ll care enough” Wild asked.

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“I don’t know about the others, but Rakshasa and Princess have a truly good relationship.

This is something that everyone knows in our Newbie Village 101.” S.K.Y.

paused for a moment and then added, “this Rakshasa is Princess’ greatest weakness!”

“Very good.

We’ll target this weakness at that time and strike a vicious blow against Princess.” Wild chuckled.

“Here, blessings to our Death of Love alliance in successfully defeating Princess!” S.K.Y.

poured another two glasses of imitation Sprite.

The two of them clinked their glasses and enjoyed the soda.

They simultaneously smiled brilliantly like blooming chrysanthemums.

Inside the game, in the wilderness outside Jade City, purple lightning kept flashing with the occasional purple lightning storm passing by.

“Achoo!” Yaeger suddenly felt a chill run down her back as she was working hard grinding experience.

She felt a mysterious premonition that didn’t feel good or bad.

“Could it be that someone wants to harm me again”

After saying this, Yaeger chuckled lightly.

No matter who it was, anyone who dared to attack her wouldn’t ever return!


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