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The guild treasury wasnt very large.

Yaeger estimated that it was about 200 square meters.

Several thick pillars supported the ceiling, while many treasure chests were placed on the ground or on shelves.

There were also several equipment racks along the wall which were filled with equipment.

“You may choose one elite level equipment from among these.” Vice guild master Chris walked over to the equipment racks and waved his right hand as he pointed at the equipment on the racks which were glowing a faint gold.

“Alright, let me take a look first.” Yaeger walked over to inspect the purple equipment.

There were swords, bows, hammers, scimitars, staves, heavy plate armor, light armor, combat skirts, and… well, there was equipment for every single job class within the adventurers guild.

However, all of this equipment was mass-produced and not particularly rare, so they wouldnt be of particularly high quality.

Yaeger picked up a random sword.

The swords name immediately displayed itself: [Royal Greatsword].

This was a two-handed weapon that wasnt suitable for her to use.

Yaeger picked up a random bow.

[Royal Longbow].

This bows stats were far worse than [Berserk Thunder]s stats.

It was useless to her.

Yaeger immediately began to frown after she looked around at the equipment, since all this equipment was far worse than the equipment she obtained from opening chests.

Upon closer inspection, she discovered that all this equipment was actually obsolete royal knight equipment.

No wonder the stats werent very good.

Yaeger thought about it some more and figured that it was normal.

The adventurers guild belonged to the royal family to begin with, so wasnt it natural for the guild to use obsolete second-rate equipment from the royal knights

“You didnt find anything that you wanted” Chris asked since he saw that she wasnt taking anything.

“I did find one.

Ive already made my choice.” Yaeger could only mentally sigh that free items really werent all that good.

She picked a quiver and looked at Chris.

“Ill take this one.”

“Are you certain” Chris was somewhat surprised.

Normally, wouldnt one pick a weapon

“Im certain.”


You can take it after I finish registering the item.” Chris waved his hand and caused a nearby sheepskin scroll to fly over.

Yaegers pupils dilated slightly.

She discovered that Chris had just used his personal aura to suck the sheepskin scroll to himself.

His aura was difficult to discern by the naked eye and he activated it scarily quick.

Yaeger likely wouldnt have even noticed what happened if it wasnt for her having extremely good eyesight.

‘As expected of a legend rank adventurer, Yaeger exclaimed to herself.

Once Chris finished the item registration, the two of them left the treasury.

The door to the treasury closed with a loud rumble.

Yaeger exchanged some pleasantries with Chris, left the guild, and found a place to sit down.

She then immediately equipped the [Royal Quiver].

She chose a quiver rather than a sword because Yaegers current quiver was far too low level and was becoming a severe burden.

She could obtain a sword at other places, so of course it would be most logical to choose a quiver to strengthen herself.

Yaeger opened her equipment interface and checked the quivers information.

Off-hand equipment: [Royal Quiver].

Level: Purple Level 1 Level Restriction: 20 Attribute: None Durability: 99 30 Dexterity 15% Attack Speed 10% AOE damage 10% Critical damage

Special effect 1: Energy consumption is decreased by 15%.

Description: This is obsolete equipment from the royal knights.

Its still elite.

“Yeah, although its not very good, its still much better than green equipment.” Yaeger nodded and then looked at her equipment interface.

Head equipment: Flower of the Tall Peak, purple equipment.

Shoulder equipment: Black Iron Shoulder, green equipment.

Neck equipment: Chaos Roulette, Divine Equipment.

Chest equipment: Elite Leather Armor, blue equipment.

Hand equipment: Toxic Gloves, blue equipment.

Wrist equipment: Heirloom Wrist Armor, green equipment.

Waist equipment: Sexy Belt, green equipment.

Finger equipment: Chaos God Ring, inferior Divine Equipment.

Finger equipment: Toxic Ring, blue equipment.

Leg equipment: Baham Skirt, blue equipment.

Foot equipment: Windchaser Boots, purple equipment.

One-handed equipment: Purple Sky Crossbow – Berserk Thunder, purple equipment.

One-handed equipment: None.

Off-hand equipment: Royal Quiver, purple equipment.

“Four purple equipment, four blue equipment, three green equipment, and two Divine Equipment.

There are seven pieces of equipment that are being a burden.

I still need to work harder.”

Yaeger pouted and declared this in dissatisfaction after she finished reviewing her equipment.

However, any other player would likely be angered to death if they heard this.

“Anyways, I wonder how Yunuen is progressing I think she should be about half-finished Haha, if I have the chance, I need to reward her properly.”

Yaeger glanced up at the clouds passing by in the sky as she murmured to herself.

Currently, in Lenas item shop.

“Hard work, fight, hard work, fight!” Yunuens eyes were bloodshot and her face was pale white while her trembling hands continued to create new potions.

Was she tired Of course she was tired.

However, this was a mission that Princess had given to her.

She didnt want to see even the slightest bit of disappointment on Princess face.

Additionally, she knew quite well that as long as she worked hard together with Princess in the game, she could change her conditions in real life and improve her familys future.

No matter if it was for Princess or her family, she needed to work even harder!

“Yunuen, every bit of hard work you do today will pay you back ten times, or even a hundred times in the future.”

Yunuen suddenly recalled what Princess previously said to her.

At that time, Princess expression had been especially serious.

Just what exactly did Princess mean by those words Did Princess mean that she would be paid back monetarily, or by other means Yunuen couldnt figure it out.

“Princess, Ill definitely complete this mission within four hours!”


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