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Although Coco didn’t understand what the word “Swayze” meant, she could obviously understand the word “punch”.

‘She actually dares to fight without a weapon against me Good, good, good! I’m going to kill you!’


Coco’s sense of logic and reason instantly broke as she felt that she was severely being looked down upon.

Her eyes instantly became crimson red and her expression darkened as her tremendous power exploded everywhere.

In the very next instant, she seemed like a rampaging wild boar as she suddenly charged forward unstoppably!

Yaeger had a calm expression when she saw this.

She revealed her [Toxic Gloves], tapped the ground with her feet, and shot forward as she arched her tightly clenched right fist and prepared to punch at any moment.

“Die!” Coco locked onto Yaeger’s figure with an icy expression and vicious look in her eyes.

She tightly held onto her sword with both her hands and raised it high above her head before suddenly slashing down with a bright reflection.

At the same time, Yaeger’s punch shot forth with the power of a sledgehammer.

It seemed like her power was unstoppable as well.

As the two were about to clash against each other, everyone watched with bated breath, not even daring to blink as they were afraid of missing an excellent show.

Suddenly, a black shadow flashed onto the arena.

“That’s enough.”

A gentle voice spoke up at this time.

Yaeger’s eyes chilled as a shadowy humanoid figure suddenly appeared in her vision.

‘What the hell!’

Yaeger panicked when she saw the figure suddenly appear, because she was no longer able to take back the punch that she had already thrown.


The powerful punch hit the black shadow with a muffled thud.

Yaeger then immediately felt as if her punch had just hit a thick wall!

Yaeger focused and saw that her fist had clearly hit a large palm.

Across from her, Coco’s eyes were widened, and her pupils were dilated as she suddenly discovered that someone had forcefully stopped her attack.

Not only that, the person had used two fingers to tightly pinch and stop her sword!

When she saw clearly who had interrupted her fight, she couldn’t help but shout out loudly, “Vice Guild Master!”

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Everyone was stunned to hear this.

The incredibly mysterious vice guild master who never showed himself had actually appeared here!

Yaeger blinked and hurriedly took back her fist with a surprised expression.

Naturally, she knew of the adventurers guild’s vice guild captain, who was a legend rank adventurer by the name of [Chris].

Chris was a mysterious NPC who was a supporter of the first princess Alicia.

Yaeger didn’t know anything else about him apart from that he was really strong.

No, even in her past life, she was confident that very few people would know more about Chris.

He was a mystery.

“Since both of you have joined the guild’s family, then you’re just like family who should help and support each other, rather than trying to target each other and fight to the death like earlier.”

Vice guild master Chris tilted his head and looked at Coco.

Under his silver-white long hair were a white mask and a pair of gentle green eyes.

He had a rather gentle voice that had a mystical influence to it which made one feel that they couldn’t help but calm down.

“V, vice guild master is correct!” Coco immediately retracted her neck as she sweated from her forehead and replied with a nervous expression.

She seemed just like a comical quail.

However, nobody laughed at her, as everyone would feel immense pressure when facing this mysterious vice guild master.

That was because Chris was truly at legend rank.

He could kill a bronze rank adventurer with the flick of a finger!

“Back down.” Chris released his fingers from Coco’s sword and gently waved his hand.

Coco seemed as if she was just spared from something as she hurriedly backed away and then turned to run as if lava was beneath her feet.

“Your strength, speed, and overall power are all quite good.

Congratulations on your promotion to bronze rank, young adventurer.”

Chris took back his left hand and turned to speak to Yaeger with a gentle tone.

He was almost 1.9 meters tall, was wearing a plain black jacket, and was neither fat nor thin.

Since he was wearing a mask, it was impossible to tell his appearance or approximate age.

“Thank you, Vice Guild Master.” Yaeger bowed and lowered her head slightly as she replied politely.

Such etiquette was necessary when facing a legend rank person.

‘With what he said, it seems that he’s been watching my test since the very beginning, yet I didn’t sense his presence at all.

His ability to hide his aura is more ranger-like than a ranger’s.

As expected of a legend rank!’ Yaeger exclaimed to herself.

“I thought the third test hasn’t formally begun yet Why did the vice guild master say that she passed” Someone below asked in a small voice.

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“Are you an idiot Didn’t you see the vice guild master taking her punch just now”

“What can one punch even do”

“Tsk tsk tsk, he’s a legend rank adventurer.

Without even mentioning taking one punch, he can tell her power level just by looking at her from a distance!”


“The vice guild master is too high level for you to understand!”

“Yeah, yeah!”

Everyone was in agreement.

“Keep working hard.

I have a good opinion of you.” After Chris said this, he placed his hands behind his back and started walking away.

He had only shown himself so suddenly because he didn’t want to see Coco and Yaeger fighting each other for real.

He hadn’t been attracted here by Yaeger’s domineering aura or astonishing beauty or anything like that.

Since the issue was now resolved, he felt it was meaningless for him to stay here.

“Vice Guild Master, please wait a moment.

I would like to challenge the guild’s [Bronze Trial], so I hope to gain your permission.” Yaeger suddenly spoke at this time.

“You want to challenge the Bronze Trial” Chris stopped and looked at Yaeger.

“Yes.” Challenging the Bronze Trial required the approval of a higher-up in the adventurers guild.

Since the second-highest-ranking person in the guild was here right now, Yaeger didn’t want to waste time looking for someone else.

Chris took a deep look at Yaeger.

It seemed as if he wasn’t affected by her favorability rating, as there was no loathing or idolization in his eyes.


Come with me.”

Chris then started walking away first.

When he got off the arena stage, he suddenly glanced at the pile of floating balls as something flashed in his eyes.

Yaeger swiftly followed after him.

The bored adventurers hesitated for a moment, but then decided to continue following them to watch the show.

This was because not just anyone could challenge the Bronze Trial.

The challenger needed to be younger than 20 years old, have bronze rank, and they could only challenge the trial once per year.

If the challenger succeeded in passing the trial, their name would automatically appear in the Jade Empire’s [Young Hero Rankings] and they would become famous!


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