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Bronze level wanted criminal.

Description: You have killed City Lord Hades in Broken Leaf City, which was an incredibly immoral murder.

You are now wanted in the Jade Empire.

Anyone who kills you or captures you and turns you in will be rewarded with 300,000 gold coins and 3,000 favorability rating with the Jade Empire.

“Theres always someone trying to kill me!” Yaeger immediately furrowed her eyebrows in displeasure when she read the wanted bounty from the system.

She had already been in Jade City for quite a while.

If the Jade Empire really wanted to hunt her as a criminal, they would have issued a wanted poster for her long ago.

There was no need for the Jade Empire to wait so long.

‘Could it be Bain No, he just recently hired an assassin to kill me, so why would he do something unnecessary like this It seems that someone in the royalty wants to deal with me.

Yaeger had a chilly expression in her eyes as killing intent welled up within her.

She hadnt tried to antagonize these insects, yet these insects actually came over to antagonize her of their own volition.

They really didnt know how to spell the word death!

“Princess, whats the matter” Yunuen couldnt help but feel concerned when she saw Yaeger muttering to herself with a chilly expression.

“Its nothing.

I just met with a little trouble.

Its getting late, so we should leave.”

Yaegers expression changed as she smiled.

This was a wanted criminal bounty that would continue to be in effect for as long as she was in the Jade Empire.

There were only two ways to get rid of the wanted bounty.

The first was for the Jade Empire to officially cancel the bounty, and the second was for her to get captured or killed.

It was obvious that both methods would be unreliable.

Thus, Yaeger chose to simply deal with things as they came.

It wasnt like she could escape from the Jade Empire, so she might as well walk around openly.

Perhaps she would soon meet some bounty hunters that she could vent her stress on.

With some good luck, she might even gain some good loot.

As long as she didnt meet an NPC like the first princess or an even higher-level NPC, she didnt fear anything at all.

Actually, it was extremely unlikely to meet a high-level NPC in Jade City as most of them stayed in the inner city.

This was why Yaeger was so fearless.

It wasnt like she would be so unlucky that she would meet a high-level NPC the moment that she entered the city, right

“B, blackhearted princess!” A nearby man who wore warrior equipment suddenly shouted out loud.

Yaeger glanced over and saw that he had a green name on top of his head, which meant he was a player.

In the game, green names represented players, blue names represented NPCs, and some special NPCs would have names with other colors.

As for red-name status, the name would be followed by either the word [Player] or [NPC] to differentiate.

When Yaeger exchanged glances with the male warrior player, he seemed as if he had seen a ghost.

His face became distorted and his expression paled as he shook all over.

He then immediately turned and ran!

“What the hell is going on” Yaeger felt depressed at the sight.

‘Im such an incredibly beautiful girl that everyone loves.

I can even make flowers bloom with my extreme beauty, yet not only are you not praising me, youre actually treating me like youve seen a ghost!

A few scattered players were on the streets with the NPCs.

When these players heard the words “Blackhearted princess,” they all looked over in unison and then tacitly started running, each faster than the other.

It was as if a terrifying monster was chasing after them to devour them if they ran too slowly.

“Im really so popular.”

Yaeger smiled without worrying about it.

She took Yunuen to the item shop and then went down Crystal Street to head for the adventurer guild.

The players in Jade City werent at a high level yet, and there were only a few players here so far.

Yunuen could easily smack a player to death in a single hit with her staff, and instantly kill a group of players with a single spell, so Yaeger wasnt worried that these players would trouble Yunuen.

“Peasant, Ive finally found you!”

Yaeger heard a familiar voice from behind her right when she arrived at Crystal Street.

She turned around to see a familiar figure – the seventh princess.

Kastina was wearing a long white dress rather than light armor.

“Why are you looking for me” Yaeger was rather perplexed.

“Come fight with me again.

This time, Ill definitely teach you a good lesson!” The seventh princess Kastina reached out with her hand as a nearby guard immediately handed her a sword.

The sword was unsheathed to reveal a sharp edge.

“Do you lack beatings in your life” Yaeger felt rather helpless about the situation.

She had just beaten Kastina up a few hours ago, yet Kastina was here for another beating.

Yaeger had never seen anyone who wanted a beating so much before.

Could it be that Kastina still hadnt learned her lesson about how much of a difference there was between them despite the last beating

“I dont understand what youre saying… I dont care anymore.

Peasant, come!” Kastina waved her hand and pointed her sword at Yaeger as combat fervor swirled around her.

It was obvious that she was being serious.

“Im really impressed with you.” Yaeger gently sighed as she clenched her fists.

The power of wind drew to her and swiftly transformed into wings.

She then stepped forward with a flash and appeared in front of Kastina like a ghost.

‘So quick!

Kastinas eyes showed the incredible shock that she was feeling in her heart.

Princess was actually much stronger than before!

‘Is this her true power!

Kastina was hit by a punch right as she thought that at lightning speed.

No, in fact she had received many punches.

Punches covered the entire sky!

“Yahhhhh!” Punches the weight of cannon shots landed with great accuracy and speed on Kastinas body.

She couldnt help but scream in both pain and joy.

‘Ahh~ Its here, this is the sensation, I feel as if Im bathing in a pool of joy, tingling and fuzzy, this feels amazing~ Ah, this feels so good~

Right when Kastina was sent flying, her face showed an ecstatic expression as if she was going to heaven.

“Ding! Kastinas favorability rating towards you has increased by 3000 points.”

‘Is there some sort of mistake!

Yaegers eyes kept twitching as she watched Kastina fly away.


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