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If this had been the male Yaeger, he probably would have instantly felt his blood boiling with eyes spitting fire as he pounced over like a beast upon hearing that a beautiful NPC girl wanted to give her virgin body to him.

Unfortunately, Yaeger was now a girl.

No matter how stunningly beautiful Alicia was, she still couldnt get excited about it.

In fact, Yaeger actually felt sad as she recalled how her thing down there was gradually flying away from her.

One month from now, if she still couldnt dispel the [Dream Transformation], then she would completely become a girl! What a cruel fate that would be.

Additionally, even if the female Yaeger wanted to do something that surpassed female friendship with Alicia, that would also be impossible.

That was because the games early stages forbade intimate contact.

Intimate contact would only be gradually allowed in the middle and later stages of the game.

That was why Yaeger wasnt very attracted by this condition.

By the middle and later stages of the game, Yaeger was quite confident that she would be amazing enough for all female NPCs to fall in love with her.

Yaeger was indeed quite tempted about the offer to make her an outsider princess.

If she became an official princess of the Jade Empire, she would be able to partially control Jade Citys economy with this authority and suppress the [Power of Money] players as much as possible.

But unfortunately, until the emperor was kicked off his throne, becoming a princess was nothing more than a useless pretty title that couldnt be treated as real.

But, this wasnt the main reason why Yaeger rejected Alicia.

The emperor – [Richard] was the foundational problem.

Alicia called this emperor foolish and useless, yet he was actually a legend-ranked NPC with almost unimaginable combat strength.

Actually, the emperor of every empire was incredibly strong.

This magical fantasy world was different from the real world.

This was a true world of the strong.

Anyone who didnt have immense personal power wouldnt have the right to call themselves an emperor.

Yaeger was currently level 15, and Alicia was level 30.

Facing a legend-rank NPC would be utter suicide.

Yaeger was no fool, so of course she wouldnt agree.

And, the most important thing of all was that the system hadnt given her any quest yet.

Agreeing now wouldnt give her any benefits at all.

Alicias face instantly whitened when she heard Yaegers refusal.

She felt as if she had been thrown into an icy pond, as she kept trembling all over.

At the same time, a thick and undispellable cloud of despair suddenly grew in her heart.

Alicia had utilized many years of information gathering and fortune telling to finally find a sliver of a chance at survival, yet it was broken right here!

“Pah!” Alicia suddenly spat out some blood as she felt a tightening in her chest.

Yaeger saw that there was something black in Alicias blood when it landed on the ground.

It was obvious this wasnt a normal persons blood.

Just as Yaeger wanted to ask if Alicia was alright, the system suddenly spoke up.

“Ding! You have activated the hidden main storyline quest [Empress Alicia].

Description: First Princess [Alicia], the beautiful and peerless pride of the Jade Empire, sees that her deeply beloved country is weakening every day and that her ancestors achievements will be difficult to defend, so she now wants to usurp and will take action very soon.

She single handedly created the southern continents famous assassin group [Hidden Kill].

This assassin group not only kills people to make money, it also threatens certain nobles to be loyal to the first princess.

Currently, almost half of Jade Citys nobles are under the first princesss control, and theyve formed a powerful faction.

However, this power wont be enough to steal the throne.

Only by dispelling the mysterious curse on First Princess [Alicia]s body and restoring her original power will it be possible to defeat Emperor [Richard] and usurp the throne.

As you are the [Child of Destiny] who can decide [Alicia]s fate, you now have two options.

Option 1: Accept [Alicia]s request and enter the royal palaces [Underground Dungeon] after you reach level 30.

Obtain her ancestors legacy and cleanse the curse upon her.

Option 2: Refuse.

Choice 1: This quest has three stages.

The first stage is to improve your power level.

The second stage is to conquer the dungeon.

The third stage is to usurp the throne.

The reward for each stage shall be random.

Quest time limit: one month.

Quest requirements: none.

Quest rewards: after completing all the quests, you shall obtain a female empress true friendship (love), and at that time, Jade City shall become your home and paradise.

Quest failure punishment: [Dream Transformation]s transformation rate shall increase by 60%.

Choice 2: Three months from now, [Alicia] will explode and die because of the curses power.”

Yaeger was instantly stunned when she saw the quest failure punishment.

She mentally shouted,Sister System, you must be doing this on purpose!

She was about to instantly refuse, but then she saw that [Alicia] would die if she refused, so then she silently clicked accept.

Yaeger really couldnt bear to watch such a beautiful NPC die like this.

Apart from that, another reason why she couldnt refuse was because of the [Underground Dungeon].

The royal palaces [Underground Dungeon] was one of the ten biggest unsolved mysteries of the game in her past life.

It was because it had always existed, yet it had always been impossible to enter.

“Could it be connected to Alicia…” Yaeger slowly narrowed her eyes.

Alicias curse would cause her to explode and die three months from now.

Three months would be the perfect time for players to start finishing everything in Jade City.

That meant that in these three months in Yaegers past life, Alicia had never found her [Child of Destiny], causing her to die in vain, which caused the [Underground Dungeon] to lose its only key for opening.

And now, Yaeger possessed an opportunity to open this legendary dungeon! It was a treasury that nobody had ever entered before, which made her excited to just think about it!

Of course, the quest rewards would be excellent.

As for why the quest description mentioned Alicias “love”, Yaeger decided to ignore it.

“Alicia, after much consideration, Ive decided to assist you in clearing up the shadows in the Jade Empire together, so that everything can brighten up again!”

Yaeger said this as if she was filled with the aura of justice.

“…” Why had she changed so quickly Alicia was really stunned.

‘Didnt she just reject me so adamantly a few seconds ago Could it be that her heart softened because of seeing me spit up blood…

“Ding! Alicias favorability rating towards you has increased by 5000 points.”

“Princess!” Alicia pounced on Yaeger and tightly clutched her without letting go.

She was really emotional and her voice sounded even more sultry to the point of making others go soft.

“Ding! Alicias favorability rating towards you has increased by 5000 points.

Your relationship has become Mutual Trust.”

“You, hurry and let go of me!” Yaeger was really shocked by this.

Wasnt intimate contact supposed to be banned for now Why could she feel something really soft

Hahaha, it was probably just a hallucination.

Even if it wasnt a hallucination, it wouldnt have anything to do with her.

She really wanted her thing down there to come back!


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