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‘The first princess wanted to have sex with… no, the first princess wants to see me

Yaeger blinked her eyes with some confusion.

She couldnt even remember that Jade City had the first princess as an NPC.

Why would an NPC that lacked such a sense of presence notice her This NPC even sent someone to come find her.

Just what did the NPC want

‘Could she be another lesbian who desires to have my absolutely stunning and wondrously beautiful body… no, wait, the first princess is the emperors younger sister, so she should be older than the seventh princess.

Of course, its also possible that shes younger than the seventh princess.

In royalty, theres nothing strange about having a daughter in old age.”

“Why does the first princess want to see me” Yaeger asked in a similarly low voice.

The first princess hadnt even met Yaeger before, yet her favorability rating shot up so quickly.

It was obvious that she had really strong information channels.

Otherwise, she wouldnt have gained so much favorability so suddenly when the seventh princess left.

Yaeger beating up the seventh princess was definitely connected to raising the first princess favorability rating.

Yaeger thought at lightning speed of a possibility, but then she eliminated this from her mind because it was too ridiculous.

“Youll naturally learn when you meet the first princess,” the girl told her in a soft voice.

“Okay, Ill go with you.” Yaeger nodded.

She had a friendly relationship with the first princess now, so she wasnt worried at all about getting locked up in a small dark room when she arrived.

The two of them left the adventurers guild and got on a beast carriage that seemed really ordinary on the outside.

The carriage headed towards the end of Trade Street, where a hotel was located.

Currently, Nangong Lin was weaving a veil in a dreamlike beautiful garden in the Forest of Spirits.

“I say, godmother, does the trial of rulers require clearing a test and killing and so on”

She stopped what she was doing and asked rather blankly to the Spirit Queen who was sitting across from her.

“We are a peace-loving species.

Killing and so on are far too barbaric.

You must be elegant, my good daughter.” The incredibly beautiful Spirit Queen, who had a wondrous figure, also stopped what she was doing as she spoke slowly to Nangong with a gentle expression.

‘I would have believed your lies if I hadnt seen that video before!

Nangong mentally rolled her eyes.

It was because she saw how beautiful the spirits were in combat that she spent 10,000,000 on drawing the highest-level spirit bloodline.

She was then kidnapped here after she entered the main city.

“I really miss Princess.” Nangong gently sighed.

It was supposed to be a really happy event, coming here to the spirit kingdom that she dreamed about, and becoming the Spirit Queens daughter, something that was basically a dream come true.

However, everything was no longer that wonderful without Princess around.

“As expected, Princess is the only person that I like.” Nangongs eyes were filled with the emotion of missing Princess as she commented, “I wonder what Princess is doing right now”

-Flame Dragon Empire, in the Fire Canyon.

“Is this all your sword is capable of” A beautiful woman with a large red sword, hair the color of red fire, a beautiful face, crimson eyes, tall and curvaceous figure, and black formal attire had an icy expression as she looked in front of her with dissatisfaction.

In front of her was a gigantic pit on the ground.

Flames were burning the nearby dirt, while Rakshasa kneeled on one knee on the other side of the pit, with her [Scarlet Heavenly Sword] inserted into the ground.

She was covered in injuries, yet her eyes were still filled with resolution and the unwillingness to give up.

Rakshasa slowly stood up and pointed her [Scarlet Heavenly Sword] at the beautiful woman – Dragon Empress Hera.

“Haha, thats more like it.

Rest assured, I shall make you into the number one sword saint in this world!”

Dragon Empress Hera then swung her large red sword, which seemingly made the heaven and earth tremble.

Right after that, a tremendous beam of sword energy burst through the sky.

Rakshasa tightly clutched onto her [Scarlet Heavenly Sword] as she watched the terrifying sword energy rapidly approach.

Her eyes were filled with resolution.

‘I want to become stronger, as quickly as possible, so that I can return to Princess side!

“Yahh!” Rakshasa suddenly shouted raspily, while facing the sword energy which seemed like it slice through heaven and earth as she swung her own sword with all her strength.


An explosion sounded in the canyon.

The next instant, a tremendous pillar of flames rose up and seemed like it would penetrate the sky as it shot through the clouds.

-Frostwinter Empire, royal palace.

“Sachiel, unite with me and give birth to the strongest child.” Blood Empress Serubelya held a bundle of snow white perfect Frostwinter Flowers and had an allured expression as she looked at Sachiel.

It seemed like Serubelya was also drooling slightly.

Sachiels expression was somewhat blank.

Ever since she rejected Serubelya, the latter had yet to stop harassing her.

Serubelya kept trying to give her either flowers or worthless jewelry.

What happened to the so-called exquisite presents!

What use were flowers and jewelry She had plenty of those in the real world, and what she wanted the most was equipment! At the very least, shouldnt Serubelya give her the gold and silver magic hammers Also, who would want to have a child with her!

“Sachiel, come~” “Get the hell out!”

Jade Empire, at the end of Trade Street, a seemingly ordinary beast carriage stopped at [Hasa Hotel].

Two passengers got out of the carriage.

Of course, they were Yaeger and the maid.

“Princess, please come with me.” The girl walked in front, while Yaeger followed closely after.

The two entered the hotel.

Nobody else was inside, so it was really quiet and seemed like it wasnt open for business.

Or, it also seemed as if everyone had been chased out.

There was no aura of human life.

There was a faint aura of something unusual.

‘Just what purpose does this first princess that Ive never met have in wanting to meet me Is a low-level adventurer like me worthy of her attention in some way

Yaeger kept thinking as she walked, but she was still unable to come up with anything.

The walkthroughs from her previous life were completely useless here.

In fact, this was her first time at this hotel.

Jade City was incredibly large.

Who would come to such a small hotel to have fun unless they were really bored It was purely a waste of time.

However, Yaeger never expected that this really mysterious first princess would meet her at such a small location.

“Were here.” The maid took Yaeger up to the third floors second room.

She gently knocked on the door and announced, “First Princess, Ive brought Princess.”


Before the maid even finished speaking, the door opened by itself.

A faint fragrance spread out from inside, along with a sultry voice that would make anyone go numb.

“Youre here~”


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