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In the temporary camp, night gradually fell.

All the scattered exploration members had gathered here.

Many of the team members chatted about the areas of the territory they had explored today.

“Why does it feel like theres nothing in our territory”

“Yeah, its empty.

Maybe its because its the fire attribute territory.”

“Theres nothing in the fog.”

“Indeed, theres not a single fierce beast, but theres also nothing else.

Its just a desert.”

“Where can we find the Lords token fragment Why didnt I see anything”

“I did find a tin treasure chest, but there was only a pair of worn-out shoes and a Lords token fragment inside.”

“Hehe, I was lucky enough to obtain two Lords token fragments.”


At this moment, Liu Yan came to the front.

The group quieted down and looked at him.

Although Liu Yan had just become their captain, after witnessing his strength, most of the team members respected him.

At this moment, Liu Yan looked at the group and said calmly, “First, everyone should hand in the Lords token fragment that you obtained today.

The rest of the harvest belongs to you.

The Lords token fragments will be under unified management.”

Hearing this, the team members consisting of students from the two academies didnt have any objections.

After all, level five of the Tower was based on a team system.

They wouldnt gain anything from keeping the Lords token fragments.

They needed the entire team to collect enough Lords token fragments.

They could only pass if they gathered 10,000 fragments.

Soon, the team members who had obtained the Lords token fragments all went forward to hand them in.

However, only a few members went forward.

Furthermore, the total number of Lords token fragments they handed in was very little.

Seeing this, Liu Yan frowned slightly as he looked at the members below and asked doubtfully, “Are there any more that hasnt been handed in yet”

The members looked at each other and shook their heads in confusion.

“I didnt see any treasure chests at all, nor do I see any Lords token fragments.”

“Yeah, we didnt see any Lords token fragments at all.”

“Isnt this Lords token fragment too difficult to collect Ive searched for a day and only found one.”

“Yeah, I didnt expect the territory to be so big, but with so few Lords token fragments.”


Liu Yan couldnt help but be surprised when he heard this.

The Lords token fragments that the team members had handed in just now were extremely few.

Among those that came forward, they had each only handed in one or two pieces.

Not every team member had come forward.

Only a small portion of them had obtained something.

Most did not even see the shadow of a treasure chest, let alone the Lords token fragments.

Among the team members who had obtained something, only a small portion of them was able to obtain many Lords token fragments.

Liu Yan noticed that Luo Qingcheng had obtained three Lords token fragments, Murong Xue had obtained two, Allen Smith had obtained five, and Xu Han had obtained six.

In addition, Liu Yan himself had obtained three, while the rest of the team members who had gained something had mostly gotten one.

For the entire day, the outstanding students of the two academies, the team from the Land of Origin with a total of nearly a hundred members, had only obtained 32 Lords token fragments.

After a hard day of exploration, the entire team had only obtained 32 Lords token fragments.

This was undoubtedly too little.

The target was a total of 10,000 fragments.

The difference was huge.

Liu Yan had not expected that the Lords token fragments would be so difficult to find.

To think they could only collect so many in a day.

He looked at everyone with a somewhat grim expression and said, “Everyone, the situation doesnt seem too optimistic for us.

In a day, weve only collected 32 Lords token fragments.

This is too little.”

When the team members heard this, they were in an uproar.

“What Only 32 in one day”

“I had expected that it would be very little, but I didnt expect it to be so little.”

“Yeah, Ive been working hard for a whole day to explore and collect the fragments.

My legs are sore from running, but Ive only found one Lords token fragment.”

“32 Lords token fragments in one day.

Wouldnt that take us 300 days to gather 10,000 Lords token fragments Thats forever.”

“If this goes on, we wont be able to pass this trial.”


The team members were all filled with worry.

They didnt expect that after working hard for a day, the final harvest was so meager.

To think there were only 32 Lords token fragments.

If this went on, they wouldnt be able to pass this trial.

Luo Qingcheng, who was at the side, analyzed and said, “Previously, I tried to dissect the rules.

If we rely on ourselves to collect the Lords token fragments, we can only get them from the treasure chests.

The higher the grade of the treasure chest, the more Lords token fragments there will be.

However, the spawning mechanism of the treasure chests is completely random.

Now it seems that our luck is not very good.

Today, the fire attribute territory did not spawn many treasure chests.

Moreover, among the treasure chests that spawned, there was not a single one of a higher grade.

They were mostly either tin treasure chests or black iron treasure chests.

Let alone a high-grade treasure chest, we did not even see a silver chest.”

Hearing this, everyone agreed.

It seemed that it was true.

Their luck was quite bad.

The fire attribute territory was huge, but it only spawned a few treasure chests, and there wasnt a single high-grade treasure chest.

That was why they had worked so hard for a day and only obtained 32 Lords token fragments.

“So it depends on luck Then what should we do”

“Thats right, we cant display our strength at all if it all depends on luck.”

“I wonder if our luck will be better tomorrow.

Will more treasure chests be spawned in our territory, and even find high-grade treasure chests”

“But that will be very unstable.

If it all depends on luck, well have no way to change the outcome.”

“Could it be that whether we can pass the trial on level five of the Tower depends entirely on luck”


The team members discussed this amongst themselves.

They were all stumped and did not have any good ideas.

At this moment, the voice of the Tower resounded throughout the world.

[Now, the latest news will be reported!]

[The European Federation and New Continent have decided to form Alliance Number 1!]

[The Red Star Empire and Pan-ocean Community have decided to form Alliance Number 2!]

[During the alliance, both teams will be on the same side.

They can cooperate, but they can not share their territories.

The two teams will share the gains equally!]

When everyone heard the Towers report, they were in an uproar.

The situation here was not good, to begin with.

In just one day, they had only managed to collect 32 Lords token fragments.

At this time, the other teams actually chose to form alliances.

Coincidentally, the other four teams had all formed alliances.

As a result, the team from the Land of Origin was alone.

Of the other four teams, they formed alliances in pairs and would thus work together.

Only the team from the Land of Origin had to rely on themselves and didnt have any allies.

All of a sudden, the team members started to panic.


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