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Xiao Yuanshi let his trusted aide in.

His trusted aide immediately reported Ge Chunrus departure from Northern City to the mine and then to Heyang County.

Hearing this, Xiao Yuanshis face darkened.

He raised his hand and pinched the space between his eyebrows.

“Are you saying that Madam and the guards she brought with her are all locked up in the prison in Heyang County ”

The trusted aide nodded.

“Yes, I also tried to talk to the county magistrate to see if he could release Madam first.”

‘But when I went to the county office, I found out that our eldest young master is the county magistrate of Heyang County.

He refused to give you an audience.”

Xiao Yuanshi was stunned.

“What did you say Xiao Hanzheng is the county magistrate of Heyang County”

The trusted aide replied, “Yes, our eldest young master was transferred to Heyang County as the county magistrate last month.

“So, its very difficult to get him to release Madam.

“Besides, Madam not only beat up Eldest Grandson Xiao, but she also ordered her people to beat up the old lady and the old master,” he said carefully.

“Now, the old Xiao familys people are also keeping an eye on Madam.”

This was also out of Xiao Yuanshis expectation.

“She actually ordered someone to beat my parents ”

When his trusted aide first heard the news, she also felt that Madam had gone too far.

“Yes, the bailiffs at the county government saw it with their own eyes.

Madam ordered her servant girls to push down the old lady and slap her a few times.

“All the women were slapped too.

“She even instructed her people to cane and apprehend the old master and all the men of the Xiao family.”

Whoever had such a daughter-in-law would be the unlucky one.

He couldnt help but sympathize with this deputy governor in front of him.

Xiao Yuanshis face couldnt be any darker.

“How dare she ”

He didnt expect Ge Chunru to be so bold as to hit his parents.

Although he had some opinions about his parents, they were still the ones who had given birth to him and raised him!


How could Ge Chunru defile his parents like that

Especially the old master, who had always been good to him and was not as biased as the old lady at home.

He always had some feelings for the old master, but now, he was being held down by his wife and caned at such an old age.

This made Xiao Yuanshi very upset.

“Master, what do you think we should do now” his trusted aide asked.

Xiao Yuanshi leaned back in his chair and pondered for a moment before saying, “Since Madam is so capable, let her be locked up in the prison to clear her mind.”

If he were to go to Heyang County personally, even if he managed to bring her out, his eldest son and bad daughter-in-law would definitely make a scene and let everyone know that his wife had beaten up an official from the imperial court and her in-laws.

She was put in jail for breaking the law knowingly, but he used his power and provided those in-charge some benefits to release her.

How would he be able to establish his status here

Furthermore, he couldnt leave at all.

After taking over the work of the deputy governor, he discovered many problems.

The former deputy governor must have discovered some of King Jins secrets, so he was killed.

King Jins men were also constantly in contact with him in an attempt to rope him in.

They had even planted many nails in him.

If he were to leave for a few days, it was very likely that even the people around him would become the targets.

He was worried.

He had to deal with the influential people in Northern City and King Jins people every day.

He was already exhausted, and Ge Chunru was still finding trouble for him.

Since she had the ability to cause such a ruckus, she should reflect on her actions in prison.

Of course, it was embarrassing to have a wife in prison, but now that she was already locked up, Xiao Yuanshi didnt want to care.

If Xiao Hanzheng still hadnt released her after ten days, he would go to Heyang County and find a way to talk to him.

See what were their conditions to release Madam.

Of course, he couldnt just leave the matter like this.

He had to get her back.

However, he couldnt force his eldest son, so he could only negotiate the conditions.

“Yes!” The trusted aide replied respectfully.

Xiao Yuanshi added meaningfully, “I wont punish you for what happened this time.

Whether you can make up for your mistake depends on whether you can bring Madam back.”

It was also because he knew that this matter could not be completely blamed on his trusted aides that he did not punish them.

The trusted aide heaved a sigh of relief.


He had a lot of opinions about Ge Chunru.

Madam was really too noisy and annoying.

A few days later, Xiao Hanzheng received news from Northern City.

He told Shi Qingluo that night.

“My scumbag father doesnt plan to care about Little Lady Ge for the time being.

Hes thinking that if we dont let her go after more than ten days, hell send someone to negotiate with us.”

Shi Qingluo changed his mind.

“Then lets delay the old Xiao familys trip to Northern City for a few days.

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